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Dining table top makeover with rustic finish for farmhouse style

Here's a weekend workout for all you hubbies - when the rugby isn't on of course! This feature shows how a hum-drum pine farmhouse dining table was transformed into a beautiful showpiece.


Using PAR pine planks and some TLC, the new top for a farmhouse table definitely doesn't look like a pine table top. You will find a wide selection of PAR pine at your local Builders Warehouse.

Here's what the table looked life before the makeover... Pretty ordinary. The pine tabletop looks just like a pine tabletop usually looks, but you can do so much more than that.

To make the tabletop, 20 x 100mm wide PAR pine was cut to the lengths required to fit onto the existing table frame.

When buying the PAR pine, make sure that the timber is warped or bent - you need perfectly straight pieces for this.





All the sections are glued and clamped together and then left overnight.

Karla at it's the little things begged and pleaded with hubby Will to make the new tabletop, and much to her surprise he went one better. So much attention was put into hand planing the top to create a more rustic finish. Of course, you can use an electric planer if you're not that inclined.

After applying the stain you can see how hand planing makes a big difference to the finish. Sanding leaves the table smooth, but planing adds notches and nicks that are so much a part of the farmhouse look. Use a gel stain in your choice of tint to add depth to the tabletop. This top was stained with Imbuia.

After applying the stain, you have the choice of what finishing to use on the tabletop. Choose one of the Plascon Woodcare range of varnishes in satin or gloss. Or, if you prefer, apply antique wax for a matt finish that protects as well.

Here is a close up of the end of the tabletop. I would recommend that this section be glued, with additional dowel or biscuit joints for strength.

Before adding the new tabletop, the legs and frame are given two fresh coats of Plascon Velvaglo in white. I am seriously thinking about doing this exact same table for my dining room. As usual, just have to find the time...!

Here's another beautiful farmhouse table by little bits of bliss.