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Modern alternative to a jungle gym... the playhive

No space for a jungle gym? You don't need much space for a playhive. Originally designed by thoughtbarn, the PlayHive is a playground structure that anyone with some DIY savvy can assemble in a weekend.


The PlayHive is assembled using PAR pine that you can buy at your local Builders Warehouse, as well as a few other supplies and tools. Any young child can climb, investigate and share the secrets of a PlayHive, and it's eco-friendly and fun for kids.





You can download free PDF plans for the PlayHive here, and everything you need to build and finish the PlayHive can be found at your local Builders Warehouse. The instructions provide Imperial measurements, so remember to x 2.54 and round off to the nearest metric measurement.

The PlayHive is created by assembling circular layers of successively shorter PAR pine blocks and the PDF plans contain a set of templates to help you connect each block at the appropriate angle.

You will need a drill/driver and assorted bits, a chop, mitre or circular saw and screws, as well as an orbital sander for finishing.

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