DIY barn-style sliding door

Making a barn-style sliding door is a reasonably simple project that uses reclaimed wood or PAR pine and some hardware. A sliding barn door allows for move living space than a conventional door, plus the lightweight design means you can make larger doors if you want to close off or divide up a space.

While the hardware required to fit a barn-style sliding door might work out more expensive than the cost of a conventional hollow-core door, consider that it's a unique fitting that will add personality and architectural detail to a home - making it a cut above the rest. You also have the option to make a barn-style door that fits in with the style of your home. It doesn't have to be rustic and made with reclaimed wood, you can use PAR pine and stain, seal, varnish or paint in your choice of colour.

For a larger opening you, and if space allows, two barn-style sliding doors take up no additional floor space and work out far more affordable than a ready-made wooden sliding door. Additionally, you can choose to make solid panel doors or fit glass panels to your doors. Because you are making your own doors you are free to choose a design and style that suits your personal style.

DIY sliding door hardware

Since the most expensive part of a sliding barn-style door is the hardware, I discovered a post that almost lets you know how to make your own hardware. Although incomplete, the secret to making your own sliding door hardware is simple and you will need:

A. Steel flat bar - double the length (+50cm) of the door to be mounted.

B. Expanding anchor bolts, washers and spacers to mount onto the wall.

C. Steel flat bar - bent and drilled for mounting onto door and wheels

D. 2 of 80mm diameter hardwood wheels, threaded rod 12mm dia, washers and nuts. Plus, heavy-duty steel washers to fit onto threaded rod between wooden rings - as wide as steel flat bar [A]. Using this mounting system the washers slide along the top of the flat bar for easy open/close.

E. Steel flat bar - shaped - plus mountings.

Fitting sliding door hardware kits

If you opt to go with a sliding door kit, these come complete with everything you need to hang doors. For hardware and hanging systems visit

Make a sliding barn-style door

Whether you are using reclaimed wood or PAR pine, the process for making a barn-style sliding door is simple. Work out the design for your door on a piece of paper, allowing for a door that is slightly wider and higher than the opening.

Start off by laying the vertical planks on a flat, level surface and then place the framing boards around the outside edge. Secure these in place using wood glue and wire nails.

Depending on the style of door you decide to make, diagonal and/or horizontal crossbeams can be added.

When hammering in the nails, hold these at a slight angle, alternating between left and right angles, to ensure the board sit and stay flush.