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Build a privacy screen for your garden, patio or balcony

A privacy screen is a great idea for adding privacy to a townhouse garden, screening off a patio area, blocking off the view from close neighbours, or a way to offer shade to a sunny spot. This privacy screen is easy to make and looks good, as well as providing a reasonable amount of privacy.


You will find everything you need to make a privacy screen at your local Builders Warehouse, and you can modify the screen to be as small or as large as you need.


2 of 77 x 77 x 2.4 metres PAR pine - posts
56 of 10 x 44 x 2,4 metres PAR pine - slats*
Woodoc exterior sealer
Galvanised steel braces and fastenings
3.5 x 35mm wood screws
Wire nails, 50mm


PSB Drill/Driver or impact hammer (see below)
Spirit level
Tape measure and pencil

*For affordability I have replaced the original 50 x 50mm slats with 10 x 44mm slats. These will offer the same amount of privacy at a far more reasonable cost.






1. Before you start assembling all the sections for the screen, it's easier to sand, apply stain and sealer beforehand. Woodoc exterior sealer is ideal for use on exterior wood and doesn't peel, crack, or chip - even after prolonged exposure. The product is available in clear or tinted, so you can choose the one best suited to your decor.

2. Set up a level floor space to lay down the two 77 x 77mm posts. Using a tape measure, place the posts 2.4 metres apart - measuring from outer edge to outer edge.

NOTE: If you are making a smaller or larger screen, adjust the width and height of the posts and slats.

3. Place the galvanised steel support braces on the bottom of each post. Don't screw them in place just yet. This will be the bottom of your privacy screen. Attach the first slat just above the braces, using a spirit level to check before using a wire nail to attach the slat at both sides to the posts.

4. Evenly space the slats from the bottom to the top and have a scrap piece of wood on hand to use as a spacer. Continue to attach the slats to the posts. Repeat the same process on the other side of the wall.

5. Once both sides of the frame have been attached you can mount the braces onto the bottom of the posts with screws.

NOTE: The galvanised brace will be different from that shown here.

6. If attaching the privacy screen to a deck, use lag screws to secure. When mounting into a solid base, such as concrete or tile, use steel expansion bolts to secure the steel braces to the floor.