How to make a pair of sawhorses

A sawhorse is not only useful in the DIY workshop, they also come in very handy for tables and desks. You can use a sawhorse to assemble an instant garden table if you have an old door, or even a temporary place to set up your home office. Here's how to make a simple sawhorse.

How to make a DVD rack

There are many options for storing DVD's: from DVD cabinets, DVD shelves and DVD units, but this DVD storage rack is simple to make and won't cost a fortune. Plus, you can make it as large or small as you want.

More basic woodworking joints

Lap joints can be used to build up frames, interlock panels, create pictures frames and in so many other ways. They might not be as strong as dovetail joints, but allow more flexibility when designing decorative projects.

Back to basics - Easy dovetail joint

Using a wood chisel, backsaw and hammer you can easily make dovetail joints for frames and boxes. And we are going to show you how...

Wine rack with faux wood grain finish

This easy wine rack is made using SupaWood that is painted to give it a faux wood finish. The idea behind this project is to show that you can paint SupaWood for a wood-like finish.


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Easy shelves for an alcove

Next to me front door is a small alcove and I have been wanting to add shelves for ages. I have a small collection of African curios, and this seemed like the perfect place to add some shelves for display.

DIY cottage-style shutters

You’re used to seeing decorative shutters on the exteriors of houses, but we brought a pair of them indoors. They’re the perfect architectural detail for this seaside-inspired room.

Rustic console table

I so have to try this rustic console table. Not only is it very easy to cut and assemble, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I can see this console table painted in ivory and distressed, or whitewashed for a seaside cottage or holiday home.

Make a sliding barn door

Over at Timber and Lace, Marci and hubby get creative with scrap timber and a hanging rail to make sliding barn doors to close off an alcove for Marci's craft room.

Garden table gets a new tabletop

Find out how easy it is to replace a garden tabletop with a beautiful rustic piece of raw edged pine.


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Make our Bali server

For those of you who haven't yet subscribed to Easy DIY magazine, or perhaps your local Builders Warehouse is always sold out of copies, here is the Bali Server that we made earlier this year.

So many uses for a basic cube

As far back as I can remember I have used cubes or boxes as the basis of design for hundreds of projects. From TV storage to storage bases for beds, boxes or cubes can be easily constructed and used in so many different ways.

Add interest with pine moulding

A few inexpensive lengths of pine moulding strips are all you need to make a high impact focal or feature wall in an entrance or room in a home.  

Make a decorative side table

We look at creating a vignette, or setting up an arrangement on a table or shelf. To tie in with this feature I decided to show you how to make a small decorative side table that you can use to create your first vignette.  

Quick way to make a storage base

When my boyfriend and I moved in together we had a brand new king size mattress, but no base. Ideally we wanted a base with storage underneath for our extra linen and designed a base that would suit our needs. 


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Install a sliding door

My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and while that’s all fine and well if your hubby is always on his best behaviour, mine has the manners of a donkey! It’s definitely time to fit a sliding door to hide his bathroom manners.

Easy DIY window shelf

Moulding and trim is an easy way to customise a shelf. And this handy shelf is the perfect solution for almost any room. It creates a storage surface and will upgrade your window’s style, too!

Make a swing seat

What's nicer than relaxing in the afternoon on a gently swaying swing seat. I did say gently. vt vonen designed this gorgeous swing for indoor seating, but it would be perfect for outdoors on the patio.

How to make a cottage headboard

This cottage headboard is very simple to build - you can have all the pieces cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse - then the whole piece is painted white.

Rocking cradle for baby doll

Mom, dad, granny or granddad - This is a rocking crib and it only took a couple of hours to make and then paint. It's not a difficult design, but does look lovely once finished.

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Super simple magazine rack

Here's a great project where you can use any offcuts lying around or have some laminated pine shelving or meranti cut to size.

Stylish photo frame

Put your favourite photos on display with these easy-to-make photo frames. Use 6 or 9mm plywood and clear acrylic or glass sheets to make each floating photo frame.

Simple yet contemporary wine rack

This stylish and unusual wine rack displays seven bottles of your favourite vintage without taking up too much counter space.

Framed mirror with storage shelf

Dress up a hallway or entrance with a modern-look mirror and floating shelf. You can use PG Bison SupaWood, pine or plywood for this weekend project.

Make your own shelves

These shelves are very simple to make and can be used for storage anywhere in the home. You can paint then any colour you want, to match your decor.

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Make a decorative wood shelf

Love this project. The nice thing about this shelf is that you can easily hang in a rental home. Just use a couple of picture hanging nails to mount onto the wall. When you move out, fill in the holes with a bit of Polyfilla!

Make these trestle shelves

Dowel joints add strength to edge-to-edge joints. For this trestle shelving, the rails are attached to the legs using butt joints secured with dowels and wood glue.

Make a flip-up | flip-down table

Make this flip-up | flip-down table for a small townhouse or flat and simply flip-up the table when you don't need it.

Make a home wrapping station

This compact-sized, wall-mounted wrapping station keeps all of your ribbons, paper and accessories neatly organized. Build two identical pieces, one for paper and one for ribbons.

Make a lazy susan

This lazy Susan is not only used for sauces and spices, it can also serve as a floral centrepiece.

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Make a server for a dining room

A sturdy, high-quality one can leave a hefty dent in your finances, but you can enhance a few stock kitchen base cabinets with moulding, furniture feet, and knobs to produce a handcrafted piece for a fraction of the cost of buying one ready-made.

Make a parking garage for a little boy

My son actually made this project for the DIY Kids section, but having seen what is involved, I thought it would make a nice project for our DIY section - to make as a gift for a little boy, or for your son to play with during the coming holidays.

Make upholstered ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is wonderful to have in a lounge or living area. They not only provide additional seating when required, but can also serve as an extra table if needed (with the addition of a glass top). These cubed ottomans are given a tufted and upholstered top.

Easy panelling

You have probably seen projects that use board on board on board to build up a panelled look for walls. This project details how to use a few pieces of trim and moulding to create a panelled wall without all the fuss.

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Make your own trestles

Trestles are easy to make as a DIY projects and great to have around the house. Use them as table support for indoors or outdoors, or use them in the workshop.

Kids game for the school holidays

I think most kids spend the holidays saying "I'm bored" or "What can we do?" So, thanks to Skil and Sew Woodsy, you can now make a great game to keep the kids occupied during the school holidays!

Make a glass top coffee table

This week's do-it-yourself project is an easy project that won't cost a fortune, requires basic power tools, and the end result in a modern coffee table that is perfect for your home.

Make a lamp with off cuts

Use off cuts to create a table lamp with a difference. Not something you would find on the shelf at your local home store, this is a unique piece that you can easily make in a morning.

DIY coat tree stand

Fancy saving yourself R8000 simply by making this coat tree stand yourself?

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Rotating storage shelf

Get everything within reach! This spacious, double-level shelving unit pivots in and out effortlessly and allows you to keep clutter out of sight and still within easy reach.

Easy DIY magazine rack

If you need somewhere to store your favourite magazines, make this easy magazine rack.

Make a half-circle or demilune table

Browsing through home decor shops I came across several half-circular - or demilune - tables, all of which were a bit plain and more than a bit pricey. If this is a style that you like, here's how to make your own table for less than R100 (if you have some offcuts lying around)!

DIY hanging wine rack

Create our hanging wine rack and you’ll be the envy of your friends. All you have to do is to follow our instructions. It’s sure to bring out the great cook and effortless host in you!

DIY dining table with laminate flooring

Having previously considered this idea, I was so glad to come across someone who did actually make a table from laminate flooring.

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Cuddly storage ottoman

We wrapped our storage ottoman in faux cowhide suede and added extra padding and a thick foam top to make it extra cuddly and perfect for a nursery or children's bedroom.

Make a lazy susan

I have made plenty of Lazy Susan's over the years, for myself and for family and friends, but this has to be the easiest one by far.

Hanging pot rack

Keep cooking utensils within reach by building a lattice pot rack to hang them from the ceiling.

Storage shelf

This geometric, shelf can be used for books or display. It’s made with 16mm PG Bison shelving that is pre-edged.

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Install a door bell

We're all very careful when letting people into our homes and I recently decided to put a lock on my garden gate and install a door bell.

Upholstered ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is a useful piece of furniture to have in a home. It can serve as a decorative piece, be used for storage, provide extra seating, or serve as a coffee table when topped off with a piece of glass.

Fireplace mantel

It's easy to update a boring fireplace with a simple surround that adds a decorative finish and a more modern look.

Painted coat rack

This painted coat rack is a stylish and practical solution for a entrance or children's bedroom, plus it's not expensive to make if you use PG Bison SupaWood or plywood.

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Drawer Dividers

A trip to the hardware store, a couple pieces of wood and some amazing glue... and you can say hello to organized bliss.

Freestanding storage

Our over-toilet storage cabinet will fit easily into any bathroom and, although there are a couple of holes to be drilled you can drill into the grout and easily touch this up when you leave.

Bedside table

Recycle a small wood table into a pair of funky, designer bedside tables for a master bedroom or guest room. Paint them in a bright colour for instant impact.

Coat rack

Here's a way to contain hats, coats, school clothes and hoodies - and you can easily make it for practically nothing with some clever searching!


Bathroom cabinet

Have just completed a bathroom makeover for Easy DIY magazine. I thought it would be nice to add a bamboo storage cabinet for bathroom essentials.

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Easy DIY picture frames

These photo frames are cheap and don't require mats. The pictures were printed off and glued onto chipboard. I don't have to worry about ruining a nice photo without any glass.

Chalkboard menu board

Build a custom-framed chalkboard to hang in your kitchen, creating a central location for everyone to leave messages, write up menus or keep up with each others' schedules.

Frame a mirror

Make a dramatic impact in a bathroom simply by framing the mirror. In this project skirting and dado rail has been used and then painted black to match the existing bathroom cabinets. What a difference!

Shelf desk

This simple but stunning desk only requires a few laminated pine shelves and some DIY savvy. Tool up for a quick and easy weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area.

Display shelf

Here's a really attractive way to display small decor accessories, or even use as a storage shelf. This display shelf is really easy to make.

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Framed headboard

With some plywood, foam and batting I created a new and improved fabric covered headboard for my guests.  And this time, I trimmed in with some decorative moulding.

Closet organiser

Clean up a messy closet by hanging your ties, belts and scarves on our 3-in-1 closet organizer! All you need is a small piece of supawood or plywood and a hook. Customise your organiser to suit your accessories.

Box shelves

Custom-size and finish these super-simple box shelves for any room in the house.

Pallet day bed

A couple of recycled pallets, an old door, and some blankets and cushions make the perfect day bed.

Tall candle holders

Make your own stylish candle holders. Have all your timber cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse and make the candle holders in a day!

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Basic picture framing

Adding style to an empty space doesn't require a trip to an upscale art gallery or a visit to the bank. Head to your local fabric and art-supply stores instead.

Laptop shelf

You can easily knock up this laptop shelf in an hour, and that includes the painting as well!

Bathroom storage shelf

Installing a shelf above a door in a bathroom to hold towels and toiletries – or in the kitchen for cookbooks or collectibles – is smart and stylish. It's a simple project that can be completed in little time.

Build a workbench

A simple, sturdy workbench is easy to make and you can design it to fit into the amount of space available.

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Recycled candle holder

I love candelabras, love them that is until I see the price! A nice candelabra can cost as much as R2000 - but you can make your own for about R500. Here's how to make a candelabra from bits and pieces.

Easy wood shelf

If you're looking for a project to practice your DIY skills, this pretty shelf is the perfect place to start.

Stackable box shelves

If you need a place to stash books and media in the living room, towels in the bathroom or toys in the kids' room, this storage system is suited to the job.

Floating shelves

Everyone needs more shelf space in their home, and these easy-to-make hanging shelves add interest to any empty wall. Use them as a decorative display in the living or dining room or for storage space in a kitchen or bathroom.

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Easy pine shelf

Take just a few hours on the weekend or in the evening to put together this multi-purpose shelf that will help organise your hallway, bath or bedroom.

Storage coffee table

Home magazine shows you how to construct a simple coffee table with a concealed storage space.

Open shelving

A well-designed bookcase has lots of uses besides book storage. You can use it to display special three-dimensional pieces, collections and even framed artwork. With their open backs, two or three units together can also be used as a room divider.

Multi panel mirror

You don't need to be a do-it-yourself expert to tackle this project. All you need are a few mirror tiles, some timber and board, and a few basic tools and accessories to make this stunning framed mirror for your home.

Pooch palais

The Pooch Palais or Cat Hotel is perfect for smaller pets that need a quiet place to sleep. Pop in their favourite blanket and send them off to bed!

Fractal mirror

I keep coming across these unique mirrors in my searches throughout the Internet, longingly wondering if they would ever reach our shores. But then I realised, why wait?   So I decided to tackle this as a project for everyone to do... enjoy!

Repair an old bed

Twin headboards - off an old bed - are reinvented as a daybed-extra bed for the guest room. Some Woodoc Gel Stain and Sealer and some comfy bedding complete the look.

Make a platform bed

Make this platform bed in any size. Using standard bed measurements (measure your mattress) you can have all your timber and board cut to size and then it's simply a matter of assembling and fastening together.

Display shelf

This designer-style shelving features 12 interlocking fins which can be modified for larger ornaments by reducing the number of shelves.

Easy wine rack

Make a purpose-built wine storage and nibbles table to suit? This bar-style table houses a glass holder and wine rack for three bottles. We’ve made it a comfortable height for most standard bar stools.

Folding drying rack

This simple folding drying rack is mounted onto the wall and easily pops down for towels, delicates and undies! When open, it has four rungs for drying several layers of clothing and when not in use, it folds up flush with the wall, with the help of the sash lock on top.

Foldaway braai table

The legs of the table tuck under the top for easy storage, and a handle attached to the front makes it portable. The table is made from 90 x 19mm Meranti - you can also use Pine - sealed with a Woodoc exterior finish.

Entertainment unit

Don't pay a fortune for furniture when you can easily make this unit for as little as R800!

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Garden fence

Underneath this great-looking fence are the steel posts that once supported a drab-looking chain-link fence. The 'good-neighbour' design looks equally pleasing on both sides. We added colour with outdoor fabric.

Repurpose old furniture

Using an old piece of furniture as a starting point for a new project is a great way to transform something unusable into something functional and creative.

Makeover pine furniture

Transform ordinary raw, pine furniture into treasured pieces you would be proud to have in your home. In this project we transform a plain pine cupboard - or bedside table - into a antique-finish chess cabinet.

Revamp a boring chair

Furniture is so expensive these days, and we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so here are some great, fun ways to revamp old furniture.

Trendy wall hangers

Need to hang something in a hurry? These wall hanging pegs are quick and easy to make and look stunning on the wall.

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