Build a tower bookshelf

In a smaller home, townhouse or apartment there isn't always space for a bookcase, so easyDIY looked at various options for a stylish yet practical alternative to this and came up with a bookcase tower.


Simple desk for boy or girl

I discovered this simple desk design on Maison Du Monde, a French furniture manufacturer. It consists of two open shelf units and a top and sells for around R2500.



Storage shelf for boy's bedroom

This simple wall shelf can be mounted above a bed or desk to provide storage for toys, books and accessories, or decor. We used 16mm SupaWood and the project took 30 minutes to cut and assemble everything.


Storage bench that's also a toybox

This practical storage bench also serves as a toybox. The seat lifts up to provide a place to store toys out of sight and keep any child's bedroom uncluttered.



New storage cabinets for DIY Divas workspace

Getting our DIY Divas work space more organised has been at the top of my 'To Do' list forever. This past week I finally got around to making new storage cabinets to house all our tools and supplies.


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Bathroom storage shelves

These wooden shelf units are ideal for a bathroom and you can make them using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.



DIY laptop stand or laptop lap tray

This laptop stand or lap tray is perfect for anyone who finds themselves working in a situation where a table or desk isn't available. I made this laptop stand for my son, who is presently doing studies and either sits on his bed or couch.


Lego or toy storage units

Kids love to play with Lego and you invariably end up with pieces of Lego all over the house. Why not make a simple organiser that can be used to store Lego and small toys but still allow the kids to have easy access - and an easy way to tidy up after they have finished.


DIY house-shaped desk for little girl

This pretty house-shaped desk is ideal for any little girl's bedroom. The design takes up very little space but offer plenty of storage. The front section of the house roof drops down and serves as a desktop; resting on the open cabinet doors.


Plywood or supawood painted headboard

Make a headboard for any size of bed using a sheet of 18mm plywood or 16mm supawood, with a painted design in the centre. What's nice about this easy headboard is that you can cut the design to any shape you want.


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DIY designer patio furniture

Forget my last feature for DIY outdoor furniture, this is definitely one garden suite that I want to build. The outdoor patio suite probably costs a small fortune but is a simple DIY project that anyone could tackle.


Easy DIY storage boxes

Make these storage boxes using PAR pine available at your local Builders Warehouse. Paint them  in pastel shades, or go bold with a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X in your choice of colour.



DIY modular storage shelves

These modular storage shelves are so easy to make using PG Bison 16mm supawood, PAR pine and masonite backing board. Add a splash of colour to your modular shelf unit with  paint or spray paint.


Make basic cubes for modular storage furniture

Using a basic cube to make furniture is an easy and affordable way to add storage or decorative furniture to your home.



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Monkey business tree-shaped coat rack

Make a tree-shaped coat rack or hanger out of PG Bison 12mm SupaWood and paint this in your choice of colour for a fun coat rack or hanger for a child's bedroom.



25 DIY shoe storage ideas

If you love shoes you're probably looking for ways to keep your shoes organised. Having a built-in or freestanding shoe organiser allows you to store a small or large collection of shoes, as well as find your shoes easily, and prevent them from getting scuffed.


Make a shoe storage cabinet

If your built-in cupboards are piled high with shoes, perhaps it's time to look at building a shoe storage organiser.



Mobile storage coffee table

This storage coffee table is made from a couple of wine crates and is ideal for storing TV remotes, kids toys, magazines, and CD and DVDs. It's also practical for children's bedrooms as a toybox on wheels, or on the patio for storing accessories.


DIY easy home office or child's desk

I saw this desk on pinterest and immediately thought it would be a great project for a DIY Divas workshop. The Divas completed the desk today and I though it might be nice to share the project with you. Make this desk for a home office or for a child's bedroom.


DIY outdoor garden furniture

With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, making outdoor garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to take on as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture.


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