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Make a hanging pot rack

Keep cooking utensils within reach by building a lattice pot rack to hang them from the ceiling.



Small lattice trellis (in the garden section)
3 metres of rope
30mm wood screws
Drill/Driver and asstd drill and screw bits
180-grit sandpaper
Semi-gloss enamel paint
Mineral turps for clean up
2 Ceiling hooks






1. You'll need to use a sturdy lattice trellis for this project, so if the trellis is a bit loose or wobbly, use wood screws to reinforce the joints.

2. Before painting the lattice, take the time to sand smooth with 180-grit sandpaper.

3. Use a paintbrush to apply two coats of semi gloss white enamel, allowing drying time and then sanding between coats with 180-grit sandpaper.

4. Cut your rope in half and tie the ends to the corners of the rack using two half hitches.

5. Locate the ceiling battens and screw in the hooks. They must be screwed into the timber supports to be secure and safe.

6. Cut the rope into two lengths, each to the desired hanging height for the pot rack.

7. Loop the rope onto the ceiling hooks; then, position S hooks to evenly distribute the weight of the utensils.

You will find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.