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Make a kiddies coat rack

Rainy weather or cold days, kids always seem to throw their outer clothing in the most convenient spot. Here's a way to contain hats, coats, school clothes and hoodies - and you can easily make it for practically nothing with some clever searching!


A strong upright - this can be anything from an old balcony post, headboard support, turned leg, or if you have a woodturning machine you can easily make your own.
[4] pine shelf brackets
Wood glue
Prominent Paints non-drip enamel - we chose white but you can use any colour
Drill/driver + assorted drill/screwdriver bits
[4] hooks and screws
Curtain finial






1. Stand the post up (a helper is handy for this step), and attach a wood glue-coated shelf bracket in the centre of each side of the base.

2. While a helper holds the post steady, drill a large hole in the top of the porch post. Make sure the hole is a little bit larger than the screw on the porch post cap.

3. Squeeze wood glue onto the bottom of the finial. It's also a good idea to squeeze some glue onto the screw as well. Slide the finial into the hole on the top of the post and allow the glue to dry overnight.

4. Paint the coat stand with non-drip enamel. Enamel is great for kids furniture as it's easy to clean and protects against everyday knocks and bumps.

5. Using a pencil, make marks on the post where each coat hook should be attached. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the size of the screws included with the coat hooks to pre-drill holes.

6. Use a screwdriver to secure the coat hooks to each side of the post.


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