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How to make and hang a wooden shelf

Love this project by Sarah at  Faded Country. The nice thing about this shelf is that you can easily hang in a rental home. Just use a couple of picture hanging nails to mount onto the wall. When you move out, fill in the holes with a bit of Polyfilla!



1800mm length of 76mm wide pine cut to:

  3 76mm 1000mm shelf front/top/bottom par pine  
  2 76 56mm end pieces par pine  
Pine moulding and trim
8 angle braces/brackets
16mm wood screws
Long panel pins
Mitre box and backsaw
2 picture hangers (sawtooth type)
2 large picture hanging nails
Wood glue
Acrylic sealer
Drill/Driver plus asstd bits

Everything you need for this project is available at your local Builders Warehouse.






Step 1
Apply wood glue to one end of the top and bottom and place against the shelf front as shown left. Place the angle braces/brackets on the inside and use 16mm screws to hold everything together for a sturdy project.

Step 2
Apply wood glue to the end pieces and insert these at both ends of the shelf assembly. Let the wood glue dry.

Step 3
While you wait for the wood glue to dry you can start cutting the moulding and trim to length. You will use a mitre box and backsaw to do this. Cutting the corners is easy - you just have the visualise the angle that needs to be cut - and double check just in case!

Step 4
The photo above shows my bottom trim attached with wood glue and panel pins. Now, my mitred corners are not perfect and neither were some of the boards. Not to worry my friends. Sealer to the rescue! Sealer will fill in those imperfections to make them a little more like perfection. It was my friend for this project!

Step 5
One dry it is time to sand. I like the rustic worn look, so seeing the nail heads doesn’t bother me.

Step 6
Use a cloth to apply your choice of Woodoc Gel Stain. You can of course leave it as it is or do what I did - break out the paint. White paint. Go ahead and paint. Let it dry. Now sand to your little hearts content. However rusty chic ya want. Hang on wall and enjoy.