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Wall-mounted shelf desk

This simple but stunning desk only requires a few laminated pine shelves and some DIY savvy. Tool up for a quick and easy weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area.



2 of laminated pine shelving 350mm wide by required length
2 of laminated pine shelving 350 x 150mm for the sides
3 of 250mm metal 'L' brackets
Bosch PDO detector
Impact drill with drill, screwdriver bits and countersink
Spirit level
Fischer wall plugs and screws (not less than 80mm length)
12 of 5 x 30mm cut screws
12 of 4 x 16mm cut screws
Bosch PSM160A multi sander and 240-grit sanding pads
Woodoc 5 polywax sealer






1. You can purchase laminated pine shelving and have cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse or Builders Express. Sand all the pieces before assembly.

2. Drill 3 x 3mm pilot holes for the screws in the top and bottom board and countersink all holes (see image right). Screw the sides to the bottom board.

3. Mount the 'L' brackets to the under side of the top section top section using 4 x 16mm screws. Be careful not to apply too much torque or the screws will go through and show on the top of the board.

4. You will need an extra pair or hands to hold the shelf against the wall to mark for drilling holes. Use a spirit level to ensure level and check the wall with a PDO detector before proceeding to drill. Drill the holes according to the instructions for the size of wall plugs and screws and attach the top shelf.

5. Position the bottom shelf (with sides) and attach to the top shelf.

6. Protect the desk with three coats of Woodoc 5, rubbing with Woodoc steelwool after the first coat and allowing sufficient drying time between coats.

maggi pattillo