Easy storage for a small bathroom

In many smaller homes, bathrooms are squeezed into the tiniest space possible. . Installing a shelf above a door in the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries – or in the kitchen for cookbooks or collectibles – is smart and stylish. It's a simple project that can be completed in little time. You can make it fancy as we've done, or simple with a change of bracket design.


1. Measure the width of the door and the frame - or any casing around the door.

2. Cut a length of board, adding the width of your brackets plus 20mm.

3. Sand the shelf and the brackets with 120-grit sandpaper. Prime and paint first coat, sanding between coats with 220-grit sandpaper. We used Prominent Paints Ultragloss in white.

4. Using a carpenter's square, measure and mark the shelf for bracket placement. Using Ponal wood glue and clamp the brackets in place until set.

5. Drill pilot holes and countersink before screwing the shelf to the brackets.

6. At the back of the shelf attach three hangers, two at each end and one in the centre.

7. Hold the shelf against the wall and mark the position for drilling into the wall. Drill holes to the correct length and diameter for wall plugs. Insert the screw, leaving 2-3mm of screw on which to place the hangers.

Safety note: Before drilling into walls, use a Bosch Detector to ensure that there are no cables or pipes in the walls.