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Revamp old furniture

Furniture is so expensive these days, and we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so here are some great, fun ways to revamp old furniture.


Take a seat
This chair was given a light sanding to remove - what was left of - any remaining varnish. Using self-adhesive paper to cover the area not to be painted, the chair was given two coats of Prominent Non-Drip Enamel in bright white. The stripes were added once the paint was dry, as was the detailing around the design. The chair was then given a coat of Sherwood Crystal Clear Varnish.

You can buy the Sherwood range at your local Decorating Centre or Prominent Paint store countrywide.

Stepped up storage
An old stepladder is lovingly restored with Woodoc and given a new life to provide additional storage. With a good cleaning and light sanding, the stepladder is ready to be sealed with Woodoc 10 with added Rosewood stain concentrate.

More modern take
A little fabric and mod podge and this old magazine table is spiffed up and perfect for any home. Start by painting the table - Prominent Paints Non-Drip Enamel (colour - S1030-B50G). Once dry, cut a piece of fabric to fit;, glue it on with Mod Podge and roll out any bubbles. Apply at least four coats of Mod Podge, allowing each coat to dry and lightly sanding with 240-grit sandpaper. Finish off the top with clear polyurethane sealer.

Go for it!
Don't be afraid to experiment with different paint finishes.

This solid wood dresser and nightstand are in perfect condition. However, the chipped pistachio green paint job was not the shade we were going for. So with the help of a paint stripper the old yucky paint was removed, and Rust-Oleum Satin Silver metallic spray was applied.

I picked these pieces because of their modern streamlined design and the pewter hardware. Also because they were inexpensive and the perfect size for a small bedroom space.

These days you can find safer greener products that use alternative ingredients to remove paint, such as the Plascon RemovAll range. Once I was down to the primer level, I whipped out my Bosch Random Orbit sander with a 240-grit sanding pad to get down to the raw wood. Apply a coat of spray primer and then apply the silver spray.


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