Designer bedside tables

Recycle a small wood table into a pair of funky, designer bedside tables for a master bedroom or guest room. Paint them in a bright colour for instant impact.


decor demon

Small wooden table
Tape measure and pencil
50 x 100mm pine plank
Drill/driver and impact drill + asstd drill and screwdriver bits
Asstd wood screws
[4] Fischer nylon wall plugs and screws
Prominent UltraGloss
Bosch PFS paint sprayer
Bosch orbital sander
80-, 120- and 240-grit sanding pads
Clean cloth
Mineral turpentine


1. First, if necessary, cut legs down to proper height using table saw. Next, use table saw, circular saw or jigsaw to cut the table in half.

2. Remove any existing paint or varnish with 80- or 120-grit sandpaper and an orbital sander. Give a final sanding with 240-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. Remove dust and sanding residue with a cloth slightly dampened with mineral turpentine.

3. Pour Prominent UltraGloss into a PFS spray system paint container. Attach container to sprayer and apply an even base coat to table, keeping a distance of about 30 cm between table and sprayer to avoid paint buildup and dripping. Allow at least one hour for base coat to dry then apply a final coat.

4. Measure width of table and transfer dimensions to the wood trim with pencil. Cut trim to size with a jigsaw.

5. Lean table up against the wall where it will be placed. Use a pencil to mark area below edge of the table where cleat will be attached. Use an impact drill and masonry bit to drill a hole for Fischer wall plugs; drive cleat to wall with screws.

6. Place the table on top of the mounted cleat. Using a drill, attach table to cleat with wood screws from underneath.

DIY Tip:
Match the length of the screws to the thickness of table and cleat so screw tips don't penetrate tabletop.