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Quick and easy drawer dividers

I have two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy; the two that hold all the larger utensils and cooking gadgets. I have yet to find an organizer large enough to keep spatulas, spoons, and can openers in line.


A trip to the hardware store, a couple pieces of wood and some amazing glue... and you can say hello to organized bliss.


Small sheet of 6mm plywood or supawood
Wood glue
Tape measure and pencil






1. Measure the width of the inside of the drawer and cut your board accordingly. You can use a cut-off saw, jigsaw or handsaw to do the cutting.

2. Sand the cut edges with 220-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

3. Insert the boards into the drawer and align so that it is straight.

4. Apply a bead of wood glue along the front and back of each seam. Gently run your fingertip over the glue, removing any excess, and filling in any gaps. Let sit to dry for 24 hours. Everything is held into place simply with the wood glue - nothing else.