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Make our Pooch Palais!

If you've got pampered pets, then this is a project just for you. Make a Pooch Paleis or a Cat Hotel, whichever you prefer.


Make our Pooch Palais!

The box is made from 12mm PG Bison SupaWood and is extremely strong, and is finished with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in Kona Brown - my favourite colour this month!

The Pooch Paleis or Cat Hotel is perfect for smaller pets that need a quiet place to sleep. Pop in their favourite blanket and send them off to bed! The back unscrews for regular cleaning.





1. For the front opening use a template to pencil the shape of the hole. Make sure that you make the hole big enough for your pet to fit through easily.

2. Use a drill/driver and 10mm wood bit to create a few holes in the marked circle. This will allow you to insert the jigsaw blade to cut out this section. Take your time and go slowly around the pencil line - don't push the jigsaw, but rather guide it in the right direction. If you need to stop during the cutting process, pull the blade a couple of millimetres away from the cutting edge before you start cutting again.

3. To assemble:
Attach the top and bottom to the sides. Attach the back section - don't cover the screws with wood filler as this will allow you to open then box when you need to air out. The front section is inserted into the opening and screw into position through the sides, top and bottom. Countersink all the holes so that you can fill with wood filler for an invisible finish.

4. For the legs I cut some curvy shapes using various round object. These were then cut out using the jigsaw. If you prefer, you can buy ready-made legs and feet and attach these to the base. You will find quite a selection at your local Builders Warehouse.

5. I used a Pockethole Jig to attach the feet to the base. This is a fantastic tool that allows you to insert screws at an angle for stronger fastening. If you don't have a Pockethole Jig, you can use steel brackets to fasten the legs onto the base.

Finishing off
I applied Rust-Oleum 2X to the entire project. Because SupaWood is very absorbent you will need to apply 2-3 coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next coat.