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Make a lego or toy storage unit

Make a simple organiser that can be used to store lego and small toys but still allow the kids to have easy access - and an easy way to tidy up after they have finished.

This storage unit is a very basic design that allows for you to add plastic tubs or bins. The nice thing is that you can make this design to fit almost any size of plastic container.


20 x 94mm PAR pine planks* - sides
20 x 44mm PAR pine planks - battens
4 x 35mm cut screws
120- + 180-grit sandpaper
Plascon Woodcare varnish or Plascon Velvaglo (see below)


Drill / Driver + assorted bits
Jigsaw + clean-cut blade
Tape measure and pencil

*You will need to calculate how many planks you need to make a storage unit that fits with the plastic containers you have, or are buying.






Planning and Preparation
Before you rush out and buy, work out what you will need. Plastic containers or tubs come in so many different sizes and shapes, and you might want to build a unit for smaller tubs, or for larger tubs that can hold more. Draw up a rough sketch based on the design shown above so that you know how many planks to buy, and what sizes to cut them.

Sand all the separate pieces before assembly.

1. The sides for the storage organisers are held together by the battens, which also serve as supports for the plastic containers. Make sure that you buy plastic containers that have some type of lip around the edge that will allow the container to sit on top of the battens.

2. Place the planks for the sides on a flat level surface and then screw the battens vertically into each plank, from top to bottom, to hold securely.

3. After making the sides, you need a couple of cross braces at the top and bottom of the unit to hold the sides together. The storage unit shown about is a double unit, and you can see how a divider has been mounted in the centre to allow for two rows of containers.

4. The storage containers shown in this project were finished with a tinted varnish. If you prefer to add some colour to the storage units, apply wood primer before painting in your choice of colour. Plascon have recently launched their Velvaglo Waterbased Enamel, which can be tinted in almost any colour and is durable and tough.

Now all that's left to do is to arrange the units and top off with a countertop. Secure the countertop to the individual storage units with steel angle brackets and 16mm screws.