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Mirror framed with cut branches

Only recently I featured an article on using cut branches for making a coat hanger or rack, and today I stumbled upon this wonderful mirror framed with cut branches on that's my letter. By far the best framed mirror project that I have seen using cut branches of different sizes - and so affordable and easy to make your own.


Circular mirror - any glass merchant will cut this for you
Pruned or cut branches of different thicknesses
Handsaw, hacksaw, jigsaw, Dremel saw or mitre saw
No More Nails adhesive
12mm thick plywood or SupaWood - cut to diameter larger than the mirror
Picture hanger and screws






You can use branches of varying thicknesses from small to large to create this eye-catching mirror frame. Most common-variety garden trees can be used but some are harder than others and will require more work when it comes to cutting them into sections.

Place the mirror in the centre of the board to draw around with a pencil. Paint the outer perimeter with acrylic paint in your choice of colour. Arrange the cut branch sections around the frame until you are happy with the layout. Use No More Nails adhesive to attach the sections to the backing board.

Screw a picture hanger onto the back of the board to mount the framed mirror onto the wall.