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Screen divider with venetian blinds

If you need to section or close off an area for privacy, or to slip up and open plan space, a panel screen is an affordable option. Designing a panel screen that incorporates inexpensive plastic venetian blinds not only gives you the privacy you need, you can also adjust the blinds if you need to let in natural light or airflow.


You can pick up plastic or aluminium venetian blinds at under R60 each for extra long length at Mr Price Home, and the frame surround can be made using PAR pine available at your local Builders Warehouse. All-in-all you are probably looking at a total cost of around R400 for a 3-panel screen with fitted blinds.





Use 20 x 44mm PAR pine to make the frame - joining the sections together with dowel or biscuits joints for and invisible finish. Each frame is joined to the next using basic butt hinges. Attach the venetian blind to the top of the frame as you would mount to a window and then paint in the same colour as the frame.

You will find basic instructions for making a panel screen here.