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Quick Project: Sheet Metal Coffee Filter Stand

Add a metallic touch to your kitchen with this DIY coffee filter stand that you can make in copper, aluminium or other sheet metal.




For those who love to start the day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, in this project you can make a coffee filter stand using pine or bamboo and a thin copper metallic sheet. You don't have to use copper for this project, you can always substitute with aluminium, brushed stainless steel or other sheet metal you prefer.

You can order sheet metal from Metals Centre (Johannesburg) and they offer a variety of sheet metals in aluminium, brass, copper, chromium and stainless steel so that you can select the perfect metallic finish to complement your kitchen design.

For the wooden frame for the coffee filter stand, you can use pine, bamboo, veneered plywood or your choice of hardwood. If you fancy using bamboo for the project if you can't find a supplier that will give you small pieces of bamboo, look for affordable bamboo cutting boards that can be repurposed.



4 of 20 x 120 x 160mm pine, bamboo, hardwood or veneered plywood

1 of sheet metal 120 x 340mm aluminium, brass, copper or other

2 of steel plates or braces (or similar for folding the sheet metal)

16mm and 30mm screws


Porcelain or stainless steel coffee filter holder



Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

35mm holesaw

120-grit sandpaper

Tape measure and pencil

Safety gear









1. In one of the 20 x 120 x 160mm boards, measure and mark [2] 4mm diameter holes 30mm in from the short sides. See the diagram below for marking and measuring out the dimensions for the holes to be drilled.

GOOD TO KNOW: When you need a clean finish on both sides of your board, place a scrap piece of wood underneath to prevent the wood from splitting around the edges when you drill.



2. With the holes pre-drilled, you can now join two boards together with 30mm screws, as shown below. Have some clamps on hand to hold the pieces firmly to your workbench to make it easier to work.



3. Take your piece of sheet metal and place this on top of a piece of scrap wood. Use a 35mm holesaw to drill out a hole that will allow you to insert a coffee filter stand. See the diagram just below for marking and measuring out the dimensions for the holes to be drilled. Firmly clamp all the pieces to your workbench so that they don't move around as you drill. Pop on your safety glasses or goggles.









4. Now mark [4] holes as indicated in the diagram above. Drill these out with a 4mm HSS bit.



5. Wear safety gloves as you carefully sand around the drilled holes, particularly the 35mm diameter hole, to remove any loose metal edges.



6. For the next step - bending the sheet metal - you need to make a jig. Place the cut sheet metal on the remaining [2] boards. Secure [2] steel plates on the edges of the boards with washers and 16mm screws. See Step 7 on how to fold the secured sheet metal.








7. With the [2] steel plates secured on the edges of the boards it is easy to fold the sheet metal at a 90-degree angle.



8. Remove the sheet metal from the jig and place over the assembled wood pieces, as shown below. Secure with 30mm screws. All that's left to do is put in your porcelain or stainless steel coffee filter holder, add your filter and some ground coffee and you're good to go for the next cup of coffee!


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