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Quick Project: Make a Holder for your Books, Tablet or Kindle

This quick and easy project is a great way to use up any wood scraps that you have lying around to make a holder for your books, tablet or kindle.


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All you need to make this handy book, table or kindle holder are a few pieces of scrap wood that you might have lying around. You can use wood or board product to make the holder and finish with stain, sealer or varnish, or paint if you made it using SupaWood (MDF) or similar. You can even use any offcut pieces of chipboard you might have at home.







1. Cut 3 pieces of board for the front, back and base for the holder. It is easier to cut everything out of a single piece, with the front and back of the same sizes. Find all the measurements for this project on the attached diagram that you can download and print out.

2. All the angles are 22.5-degrees and you can cut these on a mitre saw, or by accurately setting the base plate of your jigsaw or table saw. See the measurements for cutting and angles on the diagram for this project.







3. Lay all the pieces out on a flat, level surface so that you can apply wood glue and tape together with painter's tape or masking tape. Leave to dry overnight.


Use a multi-sander or orbital sander and 120-grit sanding pad to remove any dried glue and smooth the pieces. Finish off with 240-grit before wiping clean and applying your choice of finish.



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