Project Ideas using Reclaimed Pallets

Using reclaimed pallets is an inexpensive way to make various items for the home at very little cost and it is also a fun way to add something different to a home.




When the trend for using wood pallets was originally turned into a way to use these for making furniture and other accessories for the home, the pallet wood available was usually that of old pallets that required a lot of work to make them usable. Now, according to Boise property management team, you can get your hands on timber pallets that are untreated and have no chemicals on them and only require some sanding before using them to make furniture and crafts. The one great thing about buying timber pallets or pallet wood is the cost. Since most are untreated and not sanding, and sometimes not the greatest of timber, they are affordable and ideal for various projects.



Let us show you some of the great ways that you can use wood pallets or pallet wood for projects in and around the home.




1. Toddler Bed with Pallet Wood

Shopping around for a toddler bed isn't easy, since most furniture manufacturers tend to focus on full-size beds rather than one that needs to fit into a smaller space. When a young child is transitioning from baby to toddler, a full-size bed isn't really required and being able to make one using affordable materials allows you to make a bed that fits into a small or compact bedroom for the time being.





Making a toddler bed using wood pallets has to be one of the easiest projects to DIY. What is more important is spending the time to sand the wood smooth and ensure that there are no splinters. It is a good idea to use a sander or router to round off the edges as this will make it safer for a young child and reduce splintering along these edges.



You do not need to apply a sealer or varnish to finish off the bed, in fact, it is better if you don't because most have some type of solvent in them that can be toxic to children of any age.



Give any pallet furniture a unique look by applying a whitewash of muted colours or pastel hues to tint the wood. If you use acrylic PVA it will not be harmful to children.









2. Kiddies Playhouse or Wendy using Wood Pallets

When the kids need somewhere to play outside making a basic wooden structure using pallet wood is a simple project you can complete over a weekend. Start by drawing up a basic design of the playhouse and then shopping around until you find enough pallets to complete the job.



3. Pallet Wood Privacy Screen or Fence

You don't need to spend a fortune on timber to make a privacy screen or fence, all you need are some wood pallets. A privacy screen is perfect for those gardens that are overlooked by close neighbours or are a shared garden, but you want more privacy on your patio. You don't have to start with a whole pile of pallets, collect what you need to build the privacy screen or fence one at a time as and when you can. As you complete each frame section, plant up with creepers or climbers that will flourish and eventually over the timber.



For many of these projects, you don't need fancy power tools, just a handsaw, hammer and nails.



When you need to disguise a dust bin, pool pump, or even an ugly area outdoors, wood pallets are affordable enough to make it an inexpensive project that you can design to look good. You don't even really need any fancy tools when you work with pallets and even if you don't have power tools, many of these projects can be done with a handsaw, hammer and nails.






4. Make Vertical Gardens with Pallet Wood

Precast concrete wall panels can look ugly if they are not at least disguised. It is easy to cover these up with vertical gardens and even easier to make your own vertical gardens using pallet wood. It is a cheaper alternative to using PAR pine that you buy at hardware stores or timber merchants yet will last just as long or longer if given regular treatment with an exterior sealer.



When left to age naturally, wood pallets take on a unique rustic patina that looks great when covering up a concrete wall or ugly eyesore and you may not even have to do much more to the pallets than hang them on the wall.



5. Outdoor Furniture Made with Wood Pallets

There are so many ideas out there for using wood pallets to make furniture from coffee tables, dining tables and patio furniture. Being able to make your own patio furniture, particularly for seating or dining, will save you a fortune on expensive sets and you can customise the shape and design to fit into a particular space.







Pallets might be pine, but pine can be used outdoors as long as it is regularly treated with an exterior protection such as a sealer.


Once you have made your outdoor furniture DO give it the appropriate treatment to protect it from the elements. This can be exterior sealer or paint in a finish or colour that complements your outdoor area or garden.



Need seating for a balcony or stoep? You will only need 4 or 5 pallets to make a comfortable seat that you can design to fit into the space. Plus, if you ever have to leave and move, it will be easy to take apart and transport to your new home.



For first-timers moving into an apartment or flat to save money for a home, making do with pallet wood furniture won't cost you much and can look just as good indoors as outdoors.



6. Wood Pallets for Roofing on Patio or Deck

Another brilliant idea to pop up recently is using wood pallets for roofing on a patio or deck. The pallets are supported by a wooden frame over the patio or deck, and this is then topped off with opaque fibreglass sheeting that will keep out the rain but not block out light.



Using wood pallets as a roofing material disguises fibreglass roof sheeting and provides a rustic style that blends perfectly with the surrounding outdoors.







7. Decking or Paths with Pallet Wood

I love the look of aged wood in the garden, whether it is fencing or planks used for paths and walkways. Using wood pallets for both is an excellent way to recycle and have organic materials in the garden, and pallet wood used for decks or paths ages over time and looks fantastic in a garden and it works out far cheaper than other materials used for the same purposes.



If you want to avoid a path or deck from looking like it was made from, well... pallet woods, take the time to sand and stain it. If it is sanded and installed properly it should do the job and look good.




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