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Set Up A Home Cinema In The Garden

If you are staying home for the holidays and looking for fun ways to entertain the family, you will love this easy way to set up a home cinema in the garden.




Plenty of families are going to be spending the holidays at home this year, especially in light of the recent lockdown and possible spread of the Covid-19 virus. If you are staying at home for this year's vacation, you will most probably be looking for ideas to keep the family entertained. One easy way is to set up a home cinema in the garden. This home cinema is easy enough to set up and the family can sit back and relax for an evening at the movies - in the garden.



7 of 44 x 44 x 3000mm PAR pine

1 of 44 x 44 x 1800 PAR pine

Paracord or nylon cord, 10 metres

Fabric dropcloth or cotton sheet 220cm x 240cm









1. For the first step grab [3] of the PAR pine, cut a 3 metre length of nylon cord. Place the [3] beams on top of [2] two other beams. The bottom beams will act as a support. To hold the beams together to form a tripod you will knot the [3] beams as shown in the diagram just underneath the image below.



2. The knot used in this step is called a Timber Hitch and is made by wrapping the cord around [1] of the beams, as shown below. If you want more information on this type of knot, you can visit this link to see a selection of informative videos.



DIAGRAM: Timber Hitch knot








3. To tie all the [3] beams together, thread the cord above and below the [3] beams, alternating back and forth a total o 5 times to ensure a secure tying together.




4. In this step, you will do shear lashing to wrap the cord around the gap between the beams 3 times, as shown above. Now wrap the cord around the centre beam to wind around and back before repeating the shear lashing around the last gap, as shown in the image below.



5. The last knot needed to fix the [3] beam together is known as a Clove Hitch. Ensure that the knot is securely tightened at the end of the nylon cord.

GOOD TO KNOW: Have someone to help set up the three beams that sit at both sides of the movie screen to form a sturdy tripod.



DIAGRAM: Clove Hitch







6. To create the movie screen, sew a pocket along the top and bottom edge of the fabric sheet to allow you to insert the 44 x 4mm pine beams. Alternatively, staple the fabric to the top and bottom beams.



7. Now all that you have to do is to hang the screen on top of the [2] tripod at the sides. You will need an extra pair of hands to help you do this.





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