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DIY Projects using Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood or pallet wood is an eco-friendly way to save money and create a few unique pieces for a home.


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Whether you use reclaimed pallet wood or scrounge around for scraps of timber at your local timber supplier, using reclaimed wood for your projects is a great way to save money on what would otherwise be expensive wood, and also a fun way to make items for your home at little cost, but with an end result that is definitely worth it.

I have often said that DIY can be addictive. Once you learn how to use the power tools properly and know what you can do with these tools, it won't be long before you can't wait the get started on other projects. Unfortunately, buying wood other than pine can be expensive, but if you are able to source reclaimed wood, be it wood pallets, fencing, floors, beams or other, you will have discovered a fairly inexpensive way to make unique decor accessories and pieces for your home - or to sell.





Ideas for using Reclaimed Wood

There are literally hundreds of ways to use reclaimed wood for decor accessories, furniture, or for unique touches in and around the home. Of course, the projects you can make will be determined by the amount of wood you can lay your hands on, but we have put together some great ideas for using reclaimed wood for your DIY projects.







Reclaimed Wood Shelves

It's so easy to use reclaimed wood for all types of storage for a home, but making your own shelf unit is a simple yet practical way to make use of all kinds of reclaimed timber.

Every home needs a wall shelf or two, whether it's for extra storage in a bathroom, having a place to display your favourite collectibles, or for much-needed storage in a kitchen. If your decorating styles tends to be on the rustic or cottage look, reclaimed wood provides you with an inexpensive and easy solution for adding storage shelves - to any room in a home.

Another nice thing about making your own shelves is that you don't require any fancy tools or special skills to be able to make a basic shelf unit. Most reclaimed wood is already fully dried out and easy to work with, whether you are cutting down to size with a jigsaw or mitre saw, or using a handsaw. Take the time to design the project beforehand so that you only need to 'measure twice and cut once'.

After finding the perfect pieces of reclaimed wood for the shelves, now all you need is to finish off your shelves with some pretty or practical brackets. These days there are plenty of places to shop around, either at hardware stores or online, to find what you need - or find someone who is handy with steel and welding and who will be able to make up custom brackets, if this is what you prefer.





Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

Amazing what you can do with a few reclaimed tongue and groove fence panels, but more amazing is how something so simple can be transformed into an eye-catching feature for a home.

One crafty way to use reclaimed wood, and one that has been trending for some time now, is to use reclaimed fence or floor boards, or some tongue and groove panelling, to create a backing for your favourite photos. You can mount your photos in inexpensive picture frames and place these onto reclaimed wood panels to create a stunning feature on a wall.

Reclaimed Wood Planters and Boxes

Reclaimed wood is perfect for outdoor projects, since the wood has already been seasoned and doesn't really require any extra protection. Of course, if you want reclaimed wood projects to last a long time, a protective sealer or varnish is recommended.

Planters, boxes and plant stands are quick and easy projects that can be made using reclaimed wood, and is again one of those projects that require no special tools and basic DIY skills. There are hundreds of ideas to be found on the web, so put on your thinking cap and design something out of the ordinary.

Indoors and outdoors, reclaimed wood looks beautiful when paired with organic materials and plants. You will only use a few scraps of reclaimed wood to make up a complete of plant stands or plant display boxes and they can be planted up with a selection of succulents and cactus in muted hues and so many wonderful shapes.

To add some interest to outdoor areas, use reclaimed wood to craft your own pretty window boxes. Plant these up with your favourite kitchen herbs, trailing plants or colourful annuals to add a splash of colour.





Reclaimed Wood Decor

Reclaimed wood lets you be creative when it comes to your home decor. If you like to work with wood but find it too expensive, reclaimed wood gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce exotic timbers into your home. Many timber merchants offer offcuts at reduced prices, and you can find a substantial amount of hardwoods and exotic timber for sale at online classifieds such as Gumtree and Bid or Buy.

If you are starting out and still a beginner DIY enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to practice your skills using reclaimed wood and timber offcuts. Try making a small project such as a candle holder and work your way up as you gain more confidence. Candle holders are simple enough to make and are the perfect accessories for the festive season, or a special occasion.

As you build up your skill level, you will be able to move onto DIY projects that are a bit more difficult. At the end of the day, especially when using reclaimed or cheap wood offcuts, your new hobby won't cost a fortune and you will end up with unique pieces for your home that you can proudly say..."I made it myself!".



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