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Quick Project: Children's Play Tent for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Keeping the kids occupied until the beginning of June is going to be a difficult task for parents but this fun play tent will keep them busy - either indoors or outdoors.


What better way to get the kids out of your hair for a while than with setting up a tent - indoors or outdoors - where the kids can put their imaginations out to play. This play tent is easy enough to make and is finished off with a fleece blanket that covers the frame. You don't have to use a fleece blanket to cover the tent, you can use an old sheet, curtains you no longer have a use for, or buy affordable cotton or linen fabric to make the cover.



2 of 22 x 44 x 1200mm PAR pine

3 of 12 x 1200mm pine or meranti dowels








Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

12mm spade bit

Tape measure and pencil










1. Measure down 100mm from the top and up 30mm from the bottom and drill 12mm holes with a spade bit. Place a piece of scrap wood where you will drill and clamp the piece down firmly. This will prevent any ripping out around the hole at the back, which is normally what happens.








2. Push the dowels through the holes as shown below to assemble the tent. If you prefer a more permanent fixture, apply wood glue to the holes and around where the dowels go through.



Now all that is left to do is to cover the frame with fabric. As mentioned above, the choice of fabric is a personal preference, but do try to use a cotton or linen weave, shade net, outdoor fabric, or even bull denim, for a sturdy covering that will not tear easily.



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