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Need More Storage in Your Home?

The average home is generally fitted with limited storage options and every family eventually reaches the stage where more storage is required, so we have some great DIY storage solutions for you.


If you are running of out storage space and desperately need to look at adding more storage for your home, below are some easy DIY storage solutions that you can implement without too much effort and without taking up too much valuable space.




Storage under the sink

Sometimes you have to look at beside, under and on top for storage solutions for which there is no more space. We tend to overlook some really brilliant storage ideas because we don't see them. Under or beside a sink or toilet is just one of those storage space that is already there - you just have to make use of it.

Under a kitchen sink you will generally have a storage cupboard that contains a single shelf. Not much you can do with that. But simply by adding the right type of storage solution lets you make full advantage of whatever space may be under the sink.

With storage baskets, storage shelves and other storage solutions, you have the ability to fill this single space with maximum storage. Pull-out storage systems are easily fitted to a cupboard under the sink, and you can have pull-out drawers or shelves that can be packed with items that have no other place to go.

Cleaning products for a home can take up a lot of space, especially if you also have cleaning cloths, scrubbing brushes and the like. Fitting storage under the sink is a hidden gem where you can pack away a lot of cleaning products in a way that is organised and makes it easy to find what you need.

Under a bathroom sink, even a pedestal sink unit, you can add extra storage that won't take up any space. This storage is not something you can buy ready-made, so you will need to grab your tools and make your own storage for beside and under a pedestal sink.

For the more DIY-savvy homeowners who urgently need space, it's easy to make a storage solution that fits around or under the bathroom sink. The storage cabinet shown below is designed to fit around the pedestal sink, yet still offer some storage with shelves fitted on either side of the centre support.

There are plenty of ideas on the Web for do-it-yourself storage solutions for under a sink - any sink, and you can choose the materials you want to work with, and the design you would like to make. Builders Warehouse stock PAR pine, a small selection of hardwoods and SupaWood or Plywood sheets - all of which you can have cut down to the sizes you need to make your storage unit.

Space for a laundry

Finding space to fit a front-loader washing machine can be a nightmare. If there is no room in the kitchen, where are you supposed to install it? Many homes have a washing machine or tumble dryer installed in the bathroom and, if done properly, it won't look put of place.

The trick to installing a washing machine or tumble dryer in a bathroom is to make it look like it belongs there and is not just an item with no place else to go. Build cupboards or a drawer unit around the washing machine.

Stealing space for storage

If you are considering the option of replacing a built-in bathtub with a luxurious shower, stealing a bit of extra space won't make a huge difference and is an easy way to add more storage to a bathroom.

A luxurious shower doesn't need to take up all the available space, unless it's a shower for 4! Calculate how much space you need for a comfortable shower for a maximum of 2 and then use any remaining space for storage for the bathroom, or storage shelves inside the shower cubicle.

Vertical storage solutions

Using walls for storage in any room is an excellent idea, especially if the room is already short on floor space. And making your own shelves has to be one of the easiest DIY projects there is. All you need is some PAR pine, reclaimed pallet wood or reclaimed timber and basic tools to assemble as many shelves as you need.

If you would prefer not to drill into walls, or are renting the property, a freestanding storage unit packed into an unused bit of space will still give you a small amount of extra storage.

Think streamlined and corner units for storage

Keep in mind that storage solutions don't have to be big and bulky. If you are making your own storage solutions you have the option to make as large or as small as you wish. Think streamlined and compact for tight spaces or for rooms that have only a small amount of floor space available for storage.

When it comes to finding extra storage in small spaces you need to be a bit sneaky. Streamline cabinets and shelves provide you with plenty of extra storage - without losing too much floor space. For more storage, increase the height or width of your streamlined units.

Corners are so often overlooked, and yet these areas provide an excellent opportunity to add some extra storage. You are not going to find many corner storage units that area ready-made, so this is where you will need to grab your power tools and put on your thinking cap.



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