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Kiddies Book Nook Shelving Unit

This kiddies book nook is a quick and easy project that let's mom or dad set up a reading corner for little ones.


Referenced from Gallo images / Home Magazine


Teaching children the joy of books opens up a world of imagination. This quick and easy book nook doesn't take up a lot of space and can be fastened to the wall (for safety's sake). You can stain or paint the finished shelf unit to add a splash of colour to a child's bedroom or leave it plain as is. The shelf unit is made of laminated pine shelving, and you can have everything pre-cut to size at your local Builders store.








1 of 455 x 2400mm laminated pine shelving, cut to:

- 2 of 800mm  - upright section, sides

- 2 of 288mm - upright section, top and bottom

2 of 308 x 1800 laminated pine shelving, cut to:

2 of 520mm - side section, top and bottom

5 of 290mm - uprights

2 of 288mm - small side cube, top and bottom

2 of 248mm - upright section, shelves

2 of 210mm legs of choice

4 x 40mm and 5 x 60mm cut screws

Wood filler

180- and 240-grit sandpaper

Tinted or clear sealer or varnish*

OPTIONAL: Self-adhesive vinyl or paint if you prefer


Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Clamps, mitre and G-clamps

Orbital Sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads

Tri-square and steel ruler

Painting equipment

Tape measure and pencil

Safety gear















Before assembly, take the time to sand all the pieces smooth. This will cut down on sanding time later on.


1. Measure and mark 20mm-wide lines at both edges of the [4] 288mm and [2] 520mm sections. Also mark across the 800mm and 520mm sections where the uprights and shelves will be mounted later on.

2. Pre-drill evenly-spaced countersunk pilot holes between lines - as shown above.

GOOD TO KNOW: Place an offcut underneath where you are drilling to keep the holes neat and prevent splitting, and also to prevent any damage to your work surface.








3. To assemble the frames, apply wood glue along the edges and then use 40mm screws to secure the ends as well as the shelves and partitions in place.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure the screws are below the surface of the wood so that all holes can be filled with wood filler later on.


4. Mark the location for the legs on the underside of the side section and secure in place with 60mm screws. The legs help to balance out the entire unit, so whatever legs you decide to use, make sure they are the correct height.


5. Attach all the individual components together in your choice of configuration. Use 40mm screws to assemble.

6. Once assembled, apply clear or tinted varnish, or paint, in your choice of colour - or leave as is.






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