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Use DIY Pegboards For Storage And As A Decorative Accessory

Pegboards have become popular in the last few years, especially DIY pegboards that use dowels and easily mounted shelves for both storage and as a decorative accessory.



Making your own DIY pegboards for storage or as a decorative accessory is as easy as having a piece of plywood cut to size, drilling out the holes and using pine or meranti dowels for the pegs. That means you can make your own custom pegboards in any size or shape to fit a specific space or be used for storage or decorative shelving.

If you plan of making one or more pegboards, perhaps for storage in a hobby or craft room, in your DIY workshop, or in a bathroom or bedroom for storage, it's worthwhile to spend a bit more on marine or veneered plywood rather than use commercial plywood, shutterply or pine plywood, as all of these three are not very attractive. Of course, there is always the option to use MDF or SupaWood for the pegboard and to paint this is bright colours.


Make a large pegboard wall to display your favourite arts and crafts or to organise your craft room. The dowels let you place shelves anywhere on the board so that you can organise the shelves at specific heights and distances to fill up as much of the pegboard space as you need.







Pegboards with medium or large holes are ideal for all types of storage or display.



Plywood cut to the size/s for the pegboard wall or shelf

Pine, meranti dowels or copper, steel or PVC pipes from 20mm to 30mm in diameter

Spade, MAD or Forstner bit or Holesaw in the same diameter as the dowels



1. Determine the size of the pegboard wall and divide this up depending on how many holes you want to drill. The more holes you have to more configurations available for shelving or storage.

2. Drill out the holes with a spade bit, MAD bit or Forstner bit.

3. Sand the pegboard after drilling and apply your choice of finish.

Now all that's left to do is cut shelves and arrange the peg dowels how you want them.







Pegboard wall shelves are an affordable way to add extra storage or create a decorative display in any room in a home. Better quality plywood or painted SupaWood pegboard wall is a very easy DIY project - even if you are a beginner DIY enthusiasts.


Pegboard storage is the best for a kitchen or bathroom because you can customise the arrangement to suit your particular needs. Not only can you use dowels to support shelves, but you can also use them to hang items on.


When you need to set-up a home office or place to study, or for a child or teen bedroom, a pegboard wall provides plenty of storage options for books, files and other items.





A pegboard folding screen or room divider is just the thing if you need to close off a small study area or workspace, plus it looks good too. Make sure that the board you use for this project looks good on both sides, as most veneered plywood only has one good face.



A pegboard shelving display is great if you need shelf storage for a variety of items. The pegboard shelving wall below shows how the pegs can be arranged in different configurations to allow for storage of different item - even as a small wine rack.


Below is a novel way to design a pegboard shelving wall - use copper pipe instead of pine or meranti dowels and add a metallic touch to your pegboard shelving.



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