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Easy And Practical Key holder Projects To Make

This year, if the clutter in your home is already out of control, why not consider making a key holder or command centre to corral all your stuff.



It is so easy for any home to get out of control when it comes to clutter, especially where kids are involved as well. When everyone gets home from school or work, the first thing that usually happens is the junk gets dumped on the kitchen counter or at the front door. In some other countries, families enter the home via a mudroom and this is a room where clutter gets contained, but in South Africa, we don't have such a room built into a home design, so there has to be a solution and that solution could be as simple as a practically designed key holder or a command centre.

Even in my own home, I see how quickly the kitchen countertop becomes the resting place for items that don't belong there. It's a handy place to drop stop which then just gets left there. Making a key holder or command centre isn't a big DIY project, in fact, you can even make a small one using scraps of wood you might already have. Take a look at some of the ideas we've put together, select one that works best for you and your home and then grab some wood and your power tools and get started.






If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that can corral clutter in your home, making a key holder that incorporates other elements is a great idea. This could be mounted behind the door in an entrance hall or at the entry to the kitchen. There are hundreds of ideas for projects you can make.


The ideas put forward in this article don't necessarily have to be exactly what you make, you can tailor the design to suit your own circumstances. For example, the command centre / key holder above has a place to hand your keys and sunglasses but you might also want to add a couple of hooks to the kids' school bags. I do love the idea of having somewhere to write down notes and lists and couldn't do without my own shopping list roll that I made a few years back.







Whatever option you choose to make, try to incorporate the features that your family could use. A chalkboard, pinboard or pen and pad will offer a place to jot down something that everyone needs to remember, such as an important appointment, or perhaps a quickie shopping list or necessary homework that the kids need to complete.



The materials you choose to make the key holder don't have to be expensive. You can use PAR or laminated pine that you can buy at Builders, or you can use reclaimed pallet wood. It all depends on how you want to finished project to look. If you want a rustic look - go with pallet wood. For something a bit more stylish, you can use PAR pine. Both materials can be sanded to a smooth finish, stained in your choice of wood tint - or painted - and finished to complement your decor style.


For a large family that's always on the go, you might want to make something that ticks all the boxes: somewhere to hang coats and bags, a place for shoes and shelves for items that go in and outdoors regularly. The idea is to design a key holder / command centre that meets YOUR needs and keeps clutter out of the house.







While many of the larger command centres are fastened onto drywall, as an alternative mount all the components for your command centre of a piece of SupaWood (if you want to paint it) or plywood (if you want a wood finish).






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