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Build a Child's Bed with Flatpack Bookshelves

Not all children's bedrooms have enough space for a bed and lots of storage, so why not build a bed that's on top of all the storage!


Not all children's bedrooms have plenty of floor space to move around, and most are quite small on floor space, making it difficult to find enough room for a bed, study desk and essential storage. With that in mind, why not consider building a bed that sits on top of the storage, so that it doesn't take up any more room. Using readymade or flatpack bookcases and bookshelves/cubes is an easy way for any DIY enthusiast to put this project together, and it won't cost you a fortune.


Builders Warehouse stock a variety of flatpack furniture that can be used in more ways than one. The bookshelf/storage cubes used in this project cost R250 each (subject to price fluctuation and variation) and are available in a variety of different finishes. At that price, you can easily make up a bed base cheaper than what it would cost to buy a bed base or even to make your own storage bed base for your child's bed if you factor in the cost of your labour.






A storage base bed as shown in this project, frees up plenty of floor space for more furniture or a larger area for your child to play, and with all the storage close at hand, it's easier for your children to clean up their toys after themselves.

For the more advanced DIY enthusiasts, there's always the option to make your own cubbies on which to mount a bed. That gives you even more freedom for designing a storage bed base that provides all the storage your child needs - without taking up any floor space.



Bookshelf/Storage cubes

Assorted PAR pine for the base frame and base slats

Nylon strapping

Steel brackets and screws

Paint, sealer or varnish to finish 


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Jigsaw and clean-cut blade

Multi or orbital sander and assorted sanding pads

Bosch Tacker or heavy-duty stapler

Spirit level

Tape measure and pencil













1. To make the storage bed, you will need to cut and sand all the pieces you need for the frame that sits on top of the base made up of bookshelf/storage cubes. The size of the bed will be determined by the size of the bookshelf/storage cubes and how big you want to bed to be.

GOOD TO KNOW: You will need at least 2 cubes for the top and base of the bed, as well as cubes to frame the sides. After joining these pieces together as detailed below, you will know the sizes and lengths of the PAR pine required to make the frame and slatted base.


2. To ensure a stable base, make sure all the storage units are completely even and straight with a spirit level. A level base is the foundation for a level and safe bed. After confirming that everything is ready, secure the storage units together with steel brackets.









3. With the storage units fastened together, you can take all the measurements for the pieces to make the frame, you can cut and assemble the slatted base. Secure the individual slats together with nylon strapping using a Bosch Tacker or heavy-duty staple gun.


4. Secure the bed frame in place with screws long enough to go through the storage units and into the bed frame. 


5. Double-check that everything is fastened and secure before adding the slats. Now the bed is ready for use.


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