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How To Make A Front End Loader Bed or Dump Truck Bed

I am posting this article on how to make a Front End Loader Bed on request for a couple of readers who want to make one for their son.




If you want to make a theme bed for a little girl or boy, I found a site that offers reasonably priced PDF plans for a selection of bed designs. In this article, I have looked up designs for a Front End Loader bed, one that wouldn't be too hard to make even for a beginner DIY enthusiast and one that you can make using locally available materials.

The design of the Front End Loader bed might look difficult, but when you break it down into individual components, it isn't difficult at all.

Do note, however, that the plans are in imperial measurements, so you would need to use a converter from feet/inches/fractions to metres/centimetres. I use the conversion calculator and haven't had any problems.



I particularly like this Front End Loader bed design because it allows easy access to the mattress and most others that I came across don't. When the bed has to be made every day, I think it is important that it not be a full-on mission just to make the bed.

The height of the bed also makes it easy for a young child to climb in and out of bed without any help. For a small child, you could easily add a step that is attached to the bottom of the bed sides.











The dimensions of the bed aren't something that would fit into a small bedroom, although there is the option to leave off the wheels on one side so that the bed can be pushed against the wall on this side.

I don't have the dimensions for the bed base size and whether or not a standard mattress will fit, but you can easily have a mattress custom made to fit. I usually recommend Foam Factory in Centurion. These guys manufacture quality mattresses in any size and their Mountain Dew range costs around R600 for a 150mm thick mattress, which is sufficient for any child up to the age of 8 to 10 depending on their weight. After that age, you can then invest in a quality memory foam or spring mattress to take them through to young adult.


If you are interested in making the Front End Loader bed for your little one - or grandson - click here to purchase the plans at a cost of R475.00. Upon payment, you will be given a link to download the PDF plan. If you are interested in the plan to make a Dump Truck Bed, see below for plans.









Other plans available include a Princess Castle Bed as shown below at R417.00, as well as a jeep, tractor, fire engine and others.




While browsing for plans, I also came across this Dumper Truck Bed. Again, the measurements are in Imperial but you can use a conversation calculated to do the conversion for you. Click here if you want to download the plan for the Dump Truck Bed.







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