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Most Popular DIY Projects in 2019

Based on social media statistics, we have compiled our most popular DIY projects for 2019 - as determined  by our readers.


Our social media attracts a lot of attention and we have compiled a selection of the Top 10 Most Popular DIY Projects for 2019 - based on the number of views.



1. Framed Mirror with Textured Metallic Design

Despite being completed in 2015, our metallic mirror frame with textured design still claimed the top spot as the most viewed project in 2019.

It's also great to note that this is probably one of the most affordable projects we have ever made. The frame itself is made using shutterply (cheap plywood) and the textured finish is achieved by combining waterproof wood glue and crack filler. Take a look at the Designer Mirror Frame project and see for yourself how easy and inexpensive it is to make and then you will understand why it remains one of our most popular projects.





2. Slatted Timber Love Seat

Coming in a very close second place is our Slatted Love Seat. This is another project we completed in 2015, and also one that has been very popular at our DIY Divas Workshops.

The slatted bench has a curved form that is achieved by using different thicknesses of PAR pine. By using pine for this project is also makes it an affordable option for garden seating, as long as you regularly apply an exterior sealer to extend the life and keep it looking great. The original Love Seat was done in 2015 and still looks good today after 4 years outdoors in all weather. So, if you are worried about the suitability of pine for this project - don't. It's an affordable option for making outdoor furniture.

3. Inexpensive DIY Trellis for Garden 

This project was loved by everyone, basically due to the fact that buying a ready-made trellis costs a fortune. Add to that the fact that you can make a trellis of any size, it's a great weekend project for the garden. 

We used meranti cover strips to make the trellis and you should be able to buy these at select stores and timber merchants. Cover strips are used to cover the ends of projects and are very thin and narrow strips of wood. You will find the DIY Trellis project here. 



4. Unique Bird Feeder

Another favourite project is the Unique Bird Feeder that we made earlier this year. This is another project made entirely using pine that you can buy at any Builders or hardware store and is a quick and easy project.

I didn't expect this project to be so popular, but everyone seems to love the unique design and how easy it is to make your own. We made our bird feeder to accommodate a recycled plastic coke bottle, which makes it another affordable project to make.

5. Chest of Drawers

The Chest of Drawers was liked more for its paint finish using chalk paint and a freehand design. Made for a little girl's room, this project takes you step-by-step through assembling and painting a chest of drawers.

Most beginner DIY enthusiasts struggle with drawer runners, in fact, even some more savvy DIY enthusiasts do too! You will find that this project offers easy instructions for fitting ball-bearing drawer runners - and once you've done it once you will realise just how easy it is to fit drawer runners.

6. Framed Bathroom Mirror

Another favourite oldie that has garnered a lot of attention is the Bathroom Mirror Frame finished with metallic silver. Cheap and easy, the frame was made using PAR pine that you can purchase at any Builders store and finished off with Rust-Oleum Universal metallic silver spray paint.

The mirror and frame still hang in the same spot in my bathroom and looks as good as the day it was bought. Take a look at the project to see how it was done and how you can make your framed mirrors for any room in the home.



7. 3-Piece Patio Set

Posted earlier this year, the 3-piece Patio Set has gained quite a lot of attention on Pinterest. Simple but functional, the 3-piece DIY patio furniture set is easy enough to make and you will find a detailed video on the project page.

8.  Increase Wall Height

With over 10,000 views in just two days, our Increase Wall Height Fence is one to take a look at. The design lets you increase the height of a brick wall without any mess of fuss. The simple design lets you add a couple or more panels in a basketweave design to give your garden more privacy.

There are no fancy techniques here other than using a router to cut slots, and we fenced off close to 8 metres in a single day.

9. Build Wardrobes or Closet

A house could always do with extra storage, and many older homes don't have built-in closets or built-in cupboards of modern design. This project shows how you can build closets - with all the modern gadgets you need. 

Made with SupaWood that is readily available at any Builders or hardware store, the finished design is painted before being kitted out with an assortment of handy storage solutions. 

10.  Handmade Rope Baskets and Bowls

One of my favourites and enjoyed by many are the Handmade Baskets and Bowls craft project. These baskets are made using sash cord sewn together on a sewing machine, rather than hot glued, which means they will last much longer and be more durable.

Baskets are great for a bit of extra storage and you can use scraps of fabric that tie in with the colours used in a room to ensure they coordinate with the look. Or add a splash of colour for something different. 

So, some great craft and DIY projects that you can take a look at to see why they were so popular in 2019, and who knows, perhaps you missed one of these! 



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