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Make a Craft Centre to Keep your Craft or Hobby Room Organised

Many people are turning to their crafts and hobbies as a way to bring in extra cash, and this craft centre will help you stay organised.




This DIY craft centre has all the storage you need to keep your craft or hobby supplies organised and sorted. It has open shelving and drawers for your crafting goodies and you can hang a pegboard above the unit for any additional supplies.

You can click here if you want to see the video step-by-step for making this craft centre, or follow the instructions below provided by







The craft centre was designed by Anika's DIY Life and we have step-by-step instructions below that make this an easy project for anyone to do. Use 19mm pine or veneered plywood to make the craft centre or substitute with your choice of material, amending the dimensions accordingly.









19mm plywood sheet cut to the following sizes:

- 1 of 19 x 330 x 1086mm - top

- 4 of 19 x 312 x 813mm - sides

- 2 of 19 x 311 x 343mm - base support A

- 1 of 19 x 311 x 324mm - base support B

- 3 of 19 x 114 x 318mm - drawer front, small

- 2 of 19 x 190 x 318mm - drawer front, large

- 5 of 19 x 311 x 343mm - shelves

- 6 of 19 x 64 x 260 - drawer side 1, small

- 6 of 19 x 64 x 280mm - drawer side 2, small

- 4 of 19 x 140 x 260mm - drawer side 1, large

- 4 of 19 x 140 x 280mm - drawer side 2, large

3mm masonite, hardboard or plywood cut to fit for drawer bases

Edge banding cut to fit.

Drawer runners, ball-bearing type [10] plus 16mm screws

Shelf pins

Knobs or handles of your choice

32mm pocket-hole screws

Wood glue

GOOD TO KNOW: Modify the above dimensions for variations in pine or board thickness



Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Circular saw (if cutting your own pieces to size)

Nail gun - or hammer and panel pins

Tape measure and pencil

Kreg pocket-hole jig


OPTIONAL: Shelf Pin Jig, Drawer Slide Jig, Cabinet Hardware Jig

Not responsible for errors or omission









Assemble the drawers


Assemble the [5] large and small drawers as per the diagrams below.



Drill for Shelf Pins


Use the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig to drill holes in the sides for the shelf pins to allow you to set the height of the shelves.


Construct the Frame


1. To assemble the frame, start by securing the base supports to the sides, as shown in the bottom view below. Note that the supports are 19mm up from the bottom edge of the sides. Drill all pocket holes in the locations shown.



2. If you are securing the craft centre to a wall, add the back supports as indicated in the diagram below, with [2] pocket holes at the ends. You are now able to secure the finished assembly to the wall using nylon wall plugs and screws.



3. Attach the top to the frame with wood glue and panel pins.



4. Glue edge banding around all the edges to finish off the frame and add a kick-plate with wood glue and panel pins.



5. Add the drawers using the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig. Once the drawers are fitted and correct, secure the drawer fronts in place.











Fill all holes with wood filler, sand smooth and then paint, stain or varnish in your choice of finish

Add your choice of handles or knobs.




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