So Many Ways To Use A Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool

The Tork Craft Mini Rotary Tool is one of those versatile tools that can be used in so many ways, whether you want to use it for crafting, as a way to bring in extra income or to do repairs and maintenance in and around the home.

What Is The Best Cordless Drill To Buy In South Africa?

With so many brands and models on the market, how do you know which is the best cordless drill to buy in South Africa?

Launching in 2024, the Festool TS 60 Circular Saw

The Festool TS 60 promises to be a game changer for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers and professionals with revolutionary cutting action never seen before.

How Do You Know Which Drill To Use For A Specific Project?

With so many different types of drills, how do you know which drill to use for drilling into concrete or hard materials?

Keep Your Cutting Tools Sharp All The Time

Having a system of sharpening all your cutting tools is a way to save money and ensure these are always sharp and ready for use and a wetstone or drill bit sharpener is the perfect solution.

Achieve Accurate Repeatable Results for Kitchen Installations

When it comes to installing kitchen cupboards and cabinets accuracy is essential and this Kreg Hardware Installation Kit gets it right the first time - every time.

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Using a Jigsaw to Cut Metal, Plastic, Wood, and More like an Expert

Knowing how to use a Jigsaw properly allows you to cut wood, metal, plastic and more as well as curves and detailing.


Invest in The SawStop for Complete User Safety

Table saws are responsible for the most accidents that occur in a workshop but the SawStop eliminates the danger for complete user safety.


Safety Tips when Using Power Tools that Spin at High Speed

Are power tools dangerous? Yes, but only if you use them incorrectly or do not take the proper safety precautions.


Why are Power Tool Reviews Important?

Any online shopping site or website that features tool reviews should not be overlooked for the valuable advice they offer for any items or tools you may be interested in buying.


Angle Grinder Safety Tips

An angle grinder is one of the most dangerous power tools there are and can cause severe damage if not used safely which is why you should follow the guidelines below for proper use.

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The Many Uses for a High Pressure Washer

With everyone finding ways to use our natural resources more efficiently, investing in a high pressure washer makes a lot of sense and here is why.


Festool Cordless Percussion Drill TPC 18/4 Basic QUADRIVE

Festool brings you the cordless Percussion Drill TPC 18/4 Basic QUADRIVE - Pure power, controlled in four gears, with intelligent kickback.


Kreg 520 PRO Pocket-Hole Jig Wins Popular Mechanics US Design Award

Kreg wins the Popular Mechanic USA design award for its best-selling 520 PRO Pocket hole jig, plus the best seller award with a 4.8 - star rating from all its reviews.

Why you Should Invest in a Router Table

A router table is one of those items that you don't realise how handy it is until you try it for yourself.

Which is Better... Corded or Cordless Power Tools?

There was a time when the unanimous decision was for corded power tools but with all the technological advancements, cordless power tools have taken the lead.

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The WORX 5-in-1 Multi-Sander for all Sanding Applications

A first from WORX, the Sandeck multi-head cordless sander that does it all to save you time.

The Kreg Quick Flip - One Tool Does Two Jobs

What if a single tool could drill and countersink a pilot hole while driving in the screw and the Kreg Quick Flip does both.

Festool How-To Guide for Renovation Work

Festool offers the perfect system solutions for renovation work covering all tools, accessories, and dust extractors.

A Palm Router is Easier to Use Than a Plunge Router

If you are a DIY enthusiast or a DIY Diva and want the perfect finishing for your projects, you will appreciate this handy palm router as an alternative to a cumbersome plunge router.

Woodworking Innovators, Kreg, Launch New Tools to their Range

Check out the new tools and accessories from woodworking innovator Kreg.

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The Festool Domino Revolutionises Joining Methods and Techniques

Bring the 21st century to your workshop or jobsite with the Festool Domino mortise and tenon jointing technique.

Cutting and Trimming has Never been Easier

Who wants to drag out or carry around a heavy and cumbersome circular saw when you can use the WORX cordless circular saw?

Why is a Jigsaw a Good Investment?

Every DIY workshop needs a selection of basic power tools for projects small or large and a jigsaw is one of those tools every DIY workshop should have.

Get Started with Airbrush and Spray Gun Painting

Aircraft, one of the world's leading brands of spray guns, now offers complete kits in a wide range of spray guns, airbrushes, compressors and accessories.

Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless oscillator

Designed for both practical home applications and heavy-duty use, the Festool OSC 18 cordless oscillator allows you to cut into most materials.

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The WORX SLAMMER drills into wood, metal, plastic, masonry and concrete!

WORX proudly introduces the SLAMMER - the most innovative brushless Hammer Drill since the invention of the cordless drill.

Invest In A Kreg Router Table

If you are still using a plunge router, give some thought to investing in a router table setup to make all your routing projects easier and simpler.

The New Kreg 520PRO, 720 and 720PRO Pocket-Hole Jigs

Leave it to the guys at Kreg to design an even better pocket-hole jig that goes well beyond the original design.

With Any Drilling You Do - Choosing the Right Drill Bit Is Crucial

Whatever the drilling task, choosing the right drill bit is crucial in completing the job easily and successfully.

Another first from Festool - A multi-adjustable Edge Sander

The Festool Multi-Adjustable Edge Sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus handles all your sanding tasks and is packed in the newly-designed Systainer.

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WORX SwitchDriver Double-Headed Drill and Driver

A First from WORX, the technically advanced double-headed SwitchDriver - a unique Drill and Driver all-in-one power tool.


The Pros and Cons of the Drill Press

In this article are some of the key reasons why you would want to consider choosing a drill press over a standard handheld drill.


How To Make A Pocket-Hole Jig Station

Pocket-hole jigs are a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers and we show you how to make your own pocket-hole jig station - quick and easy - and affordable for everyone.


I Am Now A Festool Fan!

Have just tried out the Festool Rotex Sander and cannot believe the performance when compared to regular sanders.


Setting Up A Table Router? You Need The Triton TRA001

If you are planning on investing in a routing table, you need to get the Triton TRA001 Plunge Router for easy setting up and easy use.

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Festool Introduces the First Table Saw with SawStop Technology

With the purchase of USA-based SawStop, Festool is now able to combine German innovation with SawStop technology to bring you the Festool Table Saw.


Kreg Introduces a Versatile, Multi-Purpose Clamping Table

The guys at Kreg can be counted on for design innovation and their new multi-purpose clamping table is versatile in many applications.


Drill Doctor adds DDXP-1 to its range

Drill Doctor introduces its self-powered drill bit sharpener at an incredibly special launch price, making it affordable to DIYers.


MICROJIG - A Range Of Tools That Focus On Your Safety

MICROJIG is an ultra-safe and innovative woodworking jig and a tool that considers your safety in the workshop of the utmost importance.


Should I Buy a Biscuit Joiner or Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

When wanting to add to your tool collection, there is always the question of should you buy a Biscuit Joiner or a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, or even both of these tools?

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What is a Drill Press and What is it used for?

Not a new tool on the market, the drill press has been around for quite some time. But what is a drill press and when would you use one?


Tips: Hole Saws

In this article we discuss a hole saw; what it is and where you would use a hole saw.


What is the Right Direction for Router?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to using a router, specifically as concerns the right direction for routing.


The Basic Fundamentals of Welding

We look at the basic fundamentals of welding, because what good project doesn’t require at least some welding?


Essential Tools and Accessories for Beginner DIY Enthusiasts

DIY - or do-it-yourself - is one of the fastest-growing trends over the last few years, and we have a list of the essential tools and accessories to get you started.

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Bosch Primo Multi-Sander for DIY enthusiasts

Slowly adding to your tool collection? The Bosch Primo multi-sander is compact and lightweight and is ideal for sanding corners, edges and getting into awkward spaces.


Every DIY enthusiast needs a Jigsaw

When I get asked what tools do you need to start making your own furniture, a jigsaw is definitely on the list.


Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 QuickSnap with 3 heads

New Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 cordless combi drill system for DIY enthusiasts with interchangeable adapters.


How to use a Mitre Saw

The mitre saw is a powerful cutting tool available as static and sliding that lets you make cuts at a variety of angles; from 45-degree cuts to left or right - laterally and horizontally - and to cut compound mitres if you choose a compound mitre saw.


Ready - Steady - Go with the Bosch Go Cordless Screwdriver

The Bosch Go is simply the most powerful screwdriver on the market - Push and Go with Bosch Go!

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Kreg K4 and Kreg K5 Pocket Hole System

There are several different Kreg Pocket Hole Jig models to choose from, but we look at the difference between the Kreg K4 and Kreg K5 systems.


Introducing Bessey REVO body clamp

The evolution of the BESSEY body clamp: REVO 2.0 with added power and safety features.


5 Household Projects for Welders

No matter your skill level, we show five household projects you can make using tools for welding.


Set up a small home workshop

When you want to start making your own wood or DIY projects, and you have some space available, we show you the tools you need to get started.


Professional results with Kreg

Adding cabinet hardware is an important step of any cupboard or cabinet project. To make it easier, we share tips and tools that help you achieve professional results when installing doors, drawers, and adjustable shelves.

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Cordless plunge saw from Festool

The Festool TSC 55 - their most popular plunge saw - is now available in a cordless version.


Turn your drill into a Pop Riveter

It's easy to turn your drill / driver into a Pop Riveter with the Tork Craft Drill Pop Riveter.


Should you buy secondhand tools?

When buying secondhand tools, there are some tools that you could consider, and there are others you definitely don't want to buy.

Kreg Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter

This Christmas I treated myself to a Kreg Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter and present a quick guide on how to use the Kreg Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter.

Bessey self-adjusting clamps

To mark the 5th anniversary for its STC self-adjusting toggle clamp range Bessey have launched a new website service.

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Bosch EasyDrill 12

Comfortable, lightweight and easy to operate, the new Bosch EasyDrill 12 is the perfect drill / driver for DIY enthusiasts.

Using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Making projects has become a whole lot easier with a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Multi-Sharp Sharpeners

Drill bits, spade bits, chisels - these are tools that get a lot of use and the least amount of care. With 30 years of experience, Multi-Sharp have a couple of products that every workshop needs to keep a variety of tools sharp and ready for use.

Kreg RipCut

Kreg Rip-Cut turns your circular saw into a precision edge-guided cutting tool that makes straight, accurate, repeatable cuts in plywood, MDF, and other large sheets.

Bosch 10.8V now 12V

In line with global standards, the name of Bosch 10.8V power tools, batteries and chargers have changed to 12V.

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Use your Angle Grinder as a Sander

When you need to remove or sand a lot of surface wood away, turning your angle grinder into a sander is the easiest and most cost effective way to do it.

Making your own furniture

Today, it's easy to make your own furniture. Tools are easy to use, materials are readily available, and you can hone your skills at a DIY Divas workshop. Janice Anderssen offers some tips on what you'll need and how to start out.

Cut curves with a jigsaw

Cutting curves with a jigsaw is easy if you following these simple tips. If you have never used a jigsaw before, practice on some scrap pieces of timber or board to gain more confidence using a jigsaw.

Kreg Mobile Project Centre

With the Kreg Mobile Project Centre you can make any space your workspace. The Project Centre folds down in seconds for a totally mobile workshop.

Introducing MicroJig Gripper

If you use a table saw or router table, you'll know how tricky it can be to push board across the table. The MicroJig Gripper is a universal pushing jig that will revolutionise how you use a table saw or router table.

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Bosch Evolution Revolution!

Since the launch of DIY-Divas in 2005, and our collaboration with Bosch Power Tools, we have seen the evolution of Bosch in favour of the (female) home DIY enthusiast.

Gift Idea for Dad

The Bosch IXO or PSR Select are a great addition to Dad's toolbox and a practical gift idea for Father's Day.

Invest in a Router Table

I have had my router table for just over a year and have reached the stage where I couldn't live without it - or use a conventional router.

Largest range in quality metal snips

The Bessey Company has grown to be one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world. Their Bessey cutting technologies are now leaders in metal cutting snips and represent a tradition in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of tin snips.

Bessey expands its workbench adapter range

Bessey has expanded its TW16AW adapter range for use of its clamping elements on all common workbenches with a hole system.

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Bosch Quigo III with enhanced precision, visibility and length

The next generation of Bosch’s Quigo III allows DIY enthusiasts and decorators to be more creative, thanks to enhanced precision, visibility, and length.

Back to Basics: Drill / Driver

A cordless drill / driver is an essential tool if you plan to make furniture, do home improvements, or fix things in and around the house. We go back to basics with a few tips on using your drill / driver the proper way.

Kreg launch pockethole plug cutter

Kreg pockethole enthusiasts would be pleased to note that the Kreg plug cutter is now available in South Africa.

Bosch sanders for all surfaces

Sanding is an essential part of the preparation required for virtually every type of surface treatment. Find out which is the right Bosch sander for your application, in combination with selecting the correct abrasive.

Speed up your DIY projects

Thanks to the Bosch PHO electric planer, it's possible to carry out wood and board project with greater precision and faster turnaround times.

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Tools that save you time

It saves you time to invest in the right tools. There are tools that not only make DIY easier, they also speed up the process, which means you get to do more - in less time!

Kreg Drawer Slide Jig eliminates the guess work

Fitting drawer slides is easy with the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig. Now you can eliminate the guess work and make the process easy by holding the slides and the drawer box in perfect position, leaving both hands free to attach the slides.

Kreg launches concealed hinge jig and hinge bit

The Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig and 35mm Hinge Bit makes it easy to install concealed and Euro cabinet door hinges for doors. The Concealed Hinge Jig and Bit provides accurate, consistent drilling using a drill / driver.

All-round multi-function tool for DIY

The Bosch PMF 250 CES multi-function tool provides the perfect support for DIY and handymen for a wide range of renovation and repair tasks.

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Drill stop sets

When you are drilling repeat holes in timber, board or walls, drill stops can be fitted to your drill bit for accurate drilling every time.

Bosch and Dremel Multifunction tools

Whether you choose Bosch or Dremel, multifunction tools offer a variety of functions from cutting, sanding and scraping - all in one tool.

Tough drill bit designed to easily break into reinforced concrete

Bosch Power Tools, which has 40 years of experience in design and in-house production of SDS plus drill bits, brings the new 6mm SDS plus-5X for professionals, which allows the user to quickly drill into rebar – significantly increasing efficiency for projects.

Choose and use a pockethole jig

If you own a Kreg Pockethole Jig but haven't yet put it to use, we offer a few tips and tricks for using this amazing tool to best advantage and for professional jointing of projects.


Compact, portable, heavy duty tables

The Centipede table system offers multiple uses to set up table space anywhere - anytime. You can use the Centipede to set up an instant workshop, for parties and promotions, and even for displays and catering.

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Quick Tip: Drill and countersink in one

The Tork Craft Decking Tool is great for DIY Divas! Now you can cut down on the time spent drilling pilot holes and having to countersink all the holes by using one easy accessory.


Olfa CS-5 ad HSW-1 multi-purpose cutting knives

With Olfa's CS-5 combination keyhole saw and cutting knife you only need one tool. With its dual blade system you have a snap-off blade cutter and keyhole saw all in one.


Kreg Automaxx Automatic Clamps

Kreg are proud to introduce the Automaxx clamp range for quick, convenient clamping with automatic adjustment.


Tork Craft's Dimpler drills and countersinks all in one!

Tork Craft's Dimpler automatically drill and countersinks screws fast and accurately into all types of wood materials. The Dimpler prevents the screw head from penetrating board and timber too deep.


Quick Tip: Trimming edges

Most DIY enthusiasts give little thought to buying a planer, but when you own one you discover how valuable this power tool can be, especially if you make your own furniture.

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Pivot Hex Head and Torx Wrenches

Vermont Sales recently added the Bondhus HexPro Pivot Head Hex and TORX Wrenches to their extensive range of products. These wrenches allow tool users to insert the wrench into socket head screw once only, then pivoting around obstacles.


Bosch accessory kits for DIY this Father’s Day

Here's a way to make DIY tasks easier. The Bosch V-Line accessory sets are sure to be appreciated by any handy dad this Father’s Day.


Armor auto-adjusting clamps

Not your average clamps, Armor Clamps have a revolutionary auto-adjust mechanism - a significant breakthrough in the world of clamping, and one that solves many clamping problems.


Alpen Profi specialist drill bits

The Alpen Profi range offers Tungsten carbide multi-purpose drill bits - the first all-rounder drill bits, with cylindrical shank, that are available in both a short and long series.


Turn your drill into a riveter

Vermont Sales brings the Rivedrill system to South Africa. The Rivedrill can be fitted to any drill - both cordless or corded - and replaces a hand riveter for easy riveting of steel sheets.

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Power tools for women

Power tool manufacturers are taking cognisance of the fact that more women are doing DIY these days. But more than that, they know we want power tools that are lightweight and easy to use.


Cutting the easy way

When you need to cut timber or board down to size you want to do it as easily and as quickly as possible. Bosch and Dremel have the right cutting tools for the job.


Tork Craft's new Palm Wrench

Tork Craft’s new Palm Wrench is probably the most useful, clever tool that has come to this country. Soon to be in every DIYers toolbox, the Palm Wrench can be kept in your car, carried in a bicycle kit or motorcycle toolbox. The Palm Wrench is great for all DIY gals and guys.


New Bosch tile cutters

Anyone who does their own tiling will appreciate the precisely accurate cutting results and reduced risk of shattering tiles with the new Bosch PTC 470 and PTC 640 tile cutters featuring innovative slashing and breaking technique.


Bosch PSR Select... the ultimate cordless screwdriver

If you are looking for a great gift idea for the DIY Diva or DIY Guy that has everything, the Bosch PSR Select is sure to impress

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Spoil yourself this festive season

At our year end DIY Divas Workshops it always seems to pop up that it's time to treat yourself to quality power tools that make DIY easier, or ask family and friends to buy you something you really need for a change!


Turn belt sander into stationery sander

Anyone who owns a belt sander will be surprised to know how easy it is to use a belt sander as a stationery sander - simply by using an parallel and angle guide attachment.


Introducing SawStop

The table saw is one of the most dangerous power tools to use and is responsible for one injury every 9 minutes*. SawStop takes the risk out of using a table saw.


Picture framing kit

For anyone who enjoys DIY projects like making picture frames, the Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit is a great gift to give or receive.

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Bosch IXO

The Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver is available with an exciting range of accessories, making it one of the most versatile tools available.


Bosch PFS 2000 spray gun

Painted furniture allows DIY enthusiasts to create beautiful furniture for a home at a fraction of what it would cost to buy new furniture. Here's how to achieve the most professional finish for your painted furniture.


6 Tools I can't live without

Over the past few years there have been several tools launched that make DIY projects so much easier. Here's my list of the top tools and equipment you should have in your workshop when starting out.


Spoil yourself with a high-pressure washer

A high-pressure washer is one of the those items that you don't really how much you need one until your buy one!

Mitre saw for the serious DIY enthusiast

If you are involved in large DIY or woodworking projects where you need to make repeated cuts, cut bevel or mitre joints, take a look at the Bosch 1800 SD mitre saw.

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Dremel accessories offer even more control

DIY and hobby enthusiasts can now undertake projects with more precision with Dremel’s comprehensive range of multitool attachments. Ideal for use in numerous applications, from metal polishing to wooden frame engraving.

Which power saw is the best one for you?

For the average DIY enthusiast there are many different types of power saws to choose from for cutting timber and board. But which one is the best for your particular needs?

No more messy paint stripper

I decided to take on the task of repainting all the burglar bars and security gates at home. While I started off with paint stripper - I soon gave this up and took a faster and less messy route.

Best router for your money

Over the past few months I have done quite a few projects using a router and wanted to take a closer look at the various routers available, and how you can get more out of your router by using a router table.

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Keep your workspace clean

For most amateur DIY enthusiasts, a workshop is usually a small space set up in a garage, outdoor shed, carport, or even a spare room in the house. Keeping this space clean and cutting down on dust is important.

Bosch PRR 250 ES Sanding Tool

For many, sanding is the most tedious part of a project, but with the PRR 250 ES sanding tool you can sand wood, metal, remove rust or varnish with the same tool - simply by changing the sanding accessory.

Triton brand champions, Studio Hardie

Studio Hardie are just one of the many Triton Brand Champions and the collective skill team behind the exceptional project builds for George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, shown here in South Africa on The Home Channel.

Pneumatic nail gun

Pneumatic power tools are used around the world for their convenience and ability to speed up DIY project. Here is South Africa we still have to discover the practicality of using pneumatic power tools.

Alpen drill bit sets

When you are tackling home repair, home maintenance or home improvements projects you don't want inferior quality accessories to let you down while. Quality accessories might cost you more, but at the end of the day they actually save you money

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Jig for routed shelves

If you own a router, making jigs cuts down the amount of work on repetitive projects. In this case, we made a jig for cutting slots for mounting shelves.

Kreg Foreman Pocket Hole Machine

Soon to be available in South Africa, the Kreg Foreman pocket hole machine will open up a host of new opportunities for beginner and advanced DIY enthusiasts alike.

Affordable biscuit joiner

As DIY continues to gain popularity, DIY enthusiasts are looking for affordable options to make projects easier and simpler. Tork Craft have launched a Biscuit Joiner that is within the price range of the average DIYer.

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Router your own decorative doors

Being able to use a router to make decorative kitchen cabinet doors allows you to replace old cabinet doors with do-it-yourself doors in any size or design.

Bosch GSB 162-2 RE Impact Drill

The Bosch GSB 162-2 RE impact drill is the ideal tool for the professiona handyman or contractor. Suitable for applications that involve screw-driving and drilling in tough materials.

Easy-to-use Bosch PHO planers

The average DIY enthusiast is always on the lookout for easy ways to make every project quicker and simpler. Easy-to-use Bosch PHO planers make light work of all planing tasks and are easy to use - even for DIY chics!

Triton workcentre for all model saws

The Triton workcentre is the perfect solution for a small or large workshop and can be used if you are a beginner or advanced woodworking enthusiast. You can use the Triton workcentre with a variety of power tools including Bosch.

Bosch launches PSM Primo multi sander

Designed with women in mind the Bosch PSM Primo sander is one of the most comfortable sanders to use. It's comfortable to hold and has less vibration than other models.

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Utilise the full potential of your drill / driver

More than just a combination screwdriver and drill, you can use a drill / driver for so many home DIY projects and tasks by using various and accessories that enhance what a drill / driver can do.

Festool Domino jointing system

Festool have introduced a joining system that replaces traditional mortise and tenon joints. The Festool Domino joinery machine with its unique cutting action and adjustable hole widths make loose tenon joinery faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

Bosch PCM 7 Mitre Saw

The Bosch PCM 7 Mitre Saw retails at R2389.00 if you buy direct from, which is affordable when you think of the time- and labour-saving benefits as opposed to using a mitre box for cutting angles and bevels.

Joinery made easy with Kreg

The Kreg Pocket Hole Jig continues to be a must-have joinery jig for every woodworkers workshop. The K5 is the fifth generation and, while the pocket hole principle has remained unchanged, the new jig is a radical departure from the K4 pockethole jig.

Bosch PKS 16 Multi Circular Saw

If there is one power tool you simply must add to your list, it's the Bosch PKS 16 Multi Circular Saw. Having just tried out the latest addition to the Bosch range I am definitely going to be adding this one to my list.

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Tips on using a Bosch PFS spray system

If you love to make your own furniture, or make furniture for others, using a Bosch PFS spray system is the easy way to give painted projects a professional finish.

Bosch PLS 300 Cutting Station

A new toy to add to our collection is the Bosch PLS 300 Cutting Station. If you use a jigsaw you know how difficult it can be to cut angles and bevels accurately. With the Bosch PLS 300 you can now cut angles and bevels accurately and easily.

Clever crafting with Bosch

To make sure you are kitted out for crafts in 2014, Home-Dzine and Bosch are giving away a craft hamper that includes the new Bosch Tacker, Bosch Glue Gun and a Bosch Glue Pen.

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The new Bosch PKP 3,6LI Tacker - Staple Gun

The new Bosch PKP 3,6 LI Tacker is now available and makes upholstery projects a breeze. The previous model was slightly hard on the controls, but the new Li-Ion Bosch Tacker is smooth, easy and simple to use. Plus, it's even more lightweight and charges quickly.

Tips for using an electric planer

Using an electric planer allows you to shave, trim and easily remove excess wood for edges. You can use an electric planer for cutting doors to size, levelling uneven floorboard or planks and removing saw roughness.

Tool tips for DIY Divas & DIY Guys

The do-it-yourself trend continues to grow throughout South Africa as DIY Divas and DIY Guys realise the benefits of having the knowledge and basic skills to tackle home improvement, maintenance and repairs.

Jigsaw - A must have power tool

While there are a few power tools that every DIYer should consider adding to their workshop, a jigsaw is probably the most essential. Not only for basic cutting, you can use a jigsaw for fine woodworking and furniture making.

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Build furniture without brackets and braces

Pockethole joinery allows you to build furniture with strong joints that are fast and easy to do. The Kreg pockethole jig is fully adjustable to take timber and board of various widths that is clamped to allow drilling a hole at an angle.

Bosch PSB Combi Drill/Driver

Bosch PSB 14,4 LI-2 and PSB 18 LI-2 cordless combi drills for DIY are 15 percent shorter and 13 percent lighter. Plus the Bosch PSB combi drill/driver drills wood, steel and masonry.

Accessories designed to make DIY easier

I am often asked for my advice on the best drill bits to buy, and actually discuss this as part of our DIY Divas workshops. For me, it makes sense to buy a quality brand that not only makes any job easier but also lasts longer - and that brand is Alpen.

Bosch PBH 2500RE Rotary Hammer Drill

Bosch now adds a new rotary hammer to its Compact Generation, range for DIYers, the Bosch PBH 2500RE. This tool has 50W more power and ten percent more impact than the most powerful tool previously available in this range.

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Our Top 10 gifts for the DIY-er

The festive season will soon be upon us and I am constantly asked for advice on what tools to look out for, either to buy for yourself or to add to your Christmas List for Santa. Here is my recommended of the best tools to buy for those wanting to start out in DIY.

Essential power tools for every DIY-er

Whether you DIY your home improvement, DIY home repairs or DIY for fun, do-it-yourself is the way to go. Those that DIY not only save a bundle, they also know that a job is done properly (with the right knowledge), and professionally (with the right tools).

How to use a planer

On impulse, I treated myself to a Bosch Planer. When I finally took it out of the box a couple of months later, it was to discover that this is actually an excellent tool to own.

Using a table saw

There are going to be times when you need to use a table saw and it helps to know the basics for using a table saw safely and correctly, so let's get down to it. As with any power tool, the table saw has a set of procedures - or guidelines - for correct usage:

Bosch PFS spray gun

I have been using my Bosch PFS for the past 4 years and it still works like a dream. It gets used on a regular basis and I have painted countless projects with the Bosch PFS and can recommend it to anyone who is tired of using a paintbrush.

The new Dremel Saw-Max

It's time to toss aside the angle grinder and put the circular saw back on the shelf. The Dremel Saw-Max reinvents cutting as you know it. Powerful enough to cut through virtually any material and simple enough to be able to control with one hand.

4 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Sanding Machines

There are several ingenious things you can do with your simple sander that will blow your mind.

Handy Ways An Air Compressor Can Be Used Around The Home

Ways to use an air compressor around the house.

Choosing the Perfect Scroll Saw to Add to Your Workshop

How do you choose the perfect scroll saw for your workshop?

How Power Tools Makes Any DIY Renovation Easy

Here’s how specific power tools can make your DIY home makeover a breeze.


6 Best Tips To Select MIG Welding Machine

In this article, we offer the 6 best tips to select MIG Welding Machine.


The Most Powerful Tools for DIY Carpeting

Here are the most powerful tools you can use to install carpets yourself.


How to Use a Digital Multimeter and Why

A digital multimeter is preferred because it is more accurate in giving data with decimals and it can also measure capacitance and frequency.


Quality Home Tools You Will Surely Need

In this article, we list some quality home tools that you will surely need at some point.


Track Saw vs Circular saw: Which is Best for Your Project

We offer you a comparison between track saw vs circular saw so that you can go for the best one.

What are Dewalt Drills? Best Dewalt Drills in 2021

DeWalt strives every day to deliver innovative solutions for its clients to help them enhance their work while working on projects.

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Make woodwork easier with a pockethole jig

Every now and again someone comes up with a bright idea for making woodwork easier. The pockethole jig is definitely one of those. You can use a pockethole jig to create strong joints between sections and design projects where the screws are almost invisible.

Cordless jigsaw makes life much easier

I'll admit to being a jigsaw fanatic. I love to use my jigsaw for projects as much as I can. My circular saw is buried at the bottom of the cupboard, but my new Bosch Li-Ion jigsaw is proudly displayed on top of my office cabinet.

Use the right sander

There are various sanding tools available for DIY enthusiasts. For larger jobs, an electric sander can be a lifesaver. For smaller jobs, there are hand-held and cordless versions.

How to use a pockethole jig

Every now and again someone comes up with a bright idea for making woodwork easier. The pockethole jig is definitely one of those. You can use a pockethole jig to create strong joints between sections and design projects where the screws are almost invisible.

Small in size but with the same power

Bosch is once again proving its great innovative strength with its new concept for impact drills. Bosch has developed three classes of compact tools especially geared towards user needs: Easy, Universal and Expert.

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How to use a drill-driver

As one of the best investments for anyone interested in do-it-yourself, a drill/driver is a versatile two-in-one power tool. If you own one and haven't used it yet, here's a rundown on what these powerful tools can do.

Li-Ion vs NiCad

As the new standard for portable power in consumer devices, Li-Ion batteries produce twice the capacity of energy as NiCad batteries but weigh 20%-35% less.

Tips for using a jigsaw

Jigsaws are the perfect power tool for cutting curves and complex shapes. And once you become more confident in using a jigsaw, you will discover many ways to use this power tool for home decor and do-it-yourself projects around the home.

Tips for using a circular saw

A hand-held circular saw is one of the basic tools that should be in any DIY enthusiasts toolbox. With it you can cut any kind of wood or plywood quickly and accurately.

Benefits of lithium ion tools

In the last five years we’ve seen some drastic improvements in power tools. They have gone from being heavy, large and bulky, to ergonomically designed and lightweight tools that are easy to use. But that's not all ...

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Care of power tools

Power tools are essential for maintaining and improving your home, and it pays to invest in quality tools that will not only do the job, but will last as well.

Know the different drill bits

To drill a hole in any material, the correct type of drill bit must be used. For basic requirements, a set of high-speed steel twist drills and some masonry bits will probably be sufficient for the average handyman.

Bosch All Purpose Saw

When trees need to be trimmed to prevent them from encroaching on a neighbour’s property, or because they become overgrown, the tool to have for this job is the Bosch All Purpose Saw.

Bosch Sanders

Do you know the difference between an orbital sander and a random orbit sander. Before you start on your next project, get to know more about the various sanders available.

Using a Bosch Router

If you have the knowledge and know-how, a router can be a very versatile tool. All you need are a few simple techniques and specialty bits and you can achieve perfect edge profiles, flawless dadoes and precision pattern cutting.

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How to use a tablesaw

I do own a tablesaw, but must be honest and say that I absolutely hate using it. For some reason this is one tool that scares me, however, Nina Green - one of our DIY Divas - uses her tablesaw regularly and considers it a 'must have' tool for her workshop.

How to use a compound mitre saw

What makes a compound mitre saw so useful is its ability to work on a sliding system, have a rotating table and a head that tilts for angle cutting - all this in one very powerful tool.

How to... Shop for a drill/driver

Buying your first set of power tools can be intimidating. If you don't know exactly what you want, you could end up with something you don't need. In our how to shop for a drill/driver we take a look at where to buy a drill/driver and the various models available.

Table Saw VS Miter Saw: Which One Suits For Your Next Project?

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