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Gift Idea for Dad

The Bosch IXO or PSR Select are a great addition to Dad's toolbox and a practical gift idea for Father's Day.


You can buy the Bosch IXO and PSR Select cordless screwdrivers at your local Builders Warehouse, Makro store, or online at - these tools are priced at around R629 and R799 respectively. Take a look at the features below to decide which would dad would love best.

It may be small, but the Bosch IXO - now in its fifth generation - is the cordless screwdriver that is the versatile helper for any everyday situation

Improved ergonomics allow the Bosch IXO to be used intuitively and in a variety grip positions. It is ready to use at any time thanks to its lithium-ion battery and when fitted with a variety of attachments from the IXO Collection, it can uncork wine bottles, light charcoal, grind spices, cut cloth and much more. Whether an electric spice mill, carpet cutter, corkscrew or grill lighter is required, the IXO makes it possible to deal with almost any situation.





The white LED PowerLight can be used in either spotlight or diffused light mode, making it easier to work in poorly lit corners where visibility is low.

The Bosch PSR Select is great for the DIY enthusiast that likes to have everything close at hand. The integrated cylinder holds 12 standard screwdriver bits, making it easy to change bits. To change the bit, simply rotate the cylinder to see the bit you need displayed in the viewing window, then slide it forward - as easy as that!

Always ready for use, the Bosch PSR Select uses lithium-ion battery technology and can drive up to 90 screws with a single battery charge. With the white LED PowerLight the work space is always well lit and clearly visible.