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Woodworking Innovators, Kreg, Launch New Tools to their Range

Check out the new tools and accessories from woodworking innovator Kreg.






Tool and woodworking innovators, Kreg have launched a great selection of new tools that will only make your life - and your DIY and woodworking - easier! Since the launch of the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig systems, Kreg has continued to innovate in tools and products that will make life easier for everyone involved in joinery, whether you are a DIY enthusiast, woodworker, carpenter, shopfitter or contractor.











Kreg Panel Carrier

Carrying boards around is no joke. A full-size board weighs a lot and even half a sheet is a heavy load to carry from one place to another. Kreg has introduced the Kreg panel carrier which offers that much-needed extra support for carrying panel and sheet products.


Easy to use, simply clamp-lift and you are good to go. With its ergonomically designed grip, the Kreg panel carrier supports the weight of a full sheet, so you don't have to worry about damaging or dropping the board. The GripMaxx jaws on the panel carrier tighten automatically to grab panel and board products up to 2 centimetres in thickness.





The Kreg panel carrier is a great addition to a workshop, job site installations, factories, and even at home since the panel carrier helps to move around large and awkward items.







Kreg Multi-Purpose Support Blocks

This tool innovation I find extremely handy for more than a few projects. The Kreg multi-purpose support blocks are great for supporting your projects while you work. The non-slip top grips the project to hold it in place while you paint, sand, rout or cut. I use these support blocks when spray painting to make it easier to paint all the way around without having to move the piece. Another advantage is being able to raise a wood or board project to make it much easier to sand the edges. The grips will not damage the material and let you apply a professional finish for painted or stained projects.





Use the Kreg multi-purpose support blocks when painting your kitchen cabinets or cupboard doors. The blocks raise the doors off the work surface and make it easier to sand and paint without moving them.







Shelf Pin Jig/Template

One job that is tricky and requires absolute accuracy is drilling holes for shelf pins. Any inaccuracy when doing this reflects on the finished project. The Kreg shelf pin jig/template has hardened steel guides that ensure absolute precision when using a drill bit and the guides are centred on 32mm spacing. Use the Kreg shelf pin jig/template for absolutely level shelves. The shelf pin jig includes a 5mm brad point drill bit.



If you are assembling or building furniture or just adding shelves to a cabinet or cupboard, the shelf pin jig makes drilling precision holes easy and gives consistently repeatable results. Set the jig along the edge of the piece and immediately drill the required number of holes without having to set up and repeat the process. When shop fitting or on jobsite installations, use 2 or more shelf pin jigs for longer rows.





The Kreg shelf pin jig also allows you to install concealed cabinet hinges and drawer slides when assembling, building, or installing frameless cabinets. Use the Kreg shelf pins to finish a shelving project.





Kreg 90° Pocket Hole Driver

With this Kreg innovation, you now have the ability to transform any drill into a 90° driver. A compact drill attachment it allows you to drive screws in places you could not normally reach with your drill.





The included 3" square-drive bit has a magnetic tip that locks into the head of a pocket-hole screw and will not slip out – so you can drive screws with confidence, no matter where they are. You can use the attachmentwith hex shank bits, and it is ideal for more than just using with pocket hole screws. Easy to hold and easy to use, the ergonomic design allows one-hand operation while you control the drill.









Kreg Drilling Guide

Be able to drill precision holes that are perfectly straight using the Kreg drilling guide. With this tool, you don't need a drill press to get accurate holes. The hardened steel drill guides do the work for you.





With its ergonomic design and Kreg GripMaxx, the workpiece stays exactly where you place it so that you can drill accurate holes. The Kreg drill guide also automatically centres on the edge of boards and plywood, allowing you to drill holes perpendicular to the edge.



For anyone who loves working with dowel joints, the Kreg drill guide takes away any inaccuracy or inability to drill straight holes when using dowel joints.





Kreg Quick Flip

Using Kreg screws gives you an advantage over conventional screws, and the quick-flip drills a countersunk pilot hole quickly and easily. This dual-action tool comes in useful for many different applications. Not only are Kreg screws the perfect choice for pocket hole joinery, but their design and strength also make them use as useful for all your woodworking, joinery or carpentry applications.





Kreg screws are perfect for pocket-hole joints, but their strength and high-quality engineering make them ideal for many other uses.



To view the entire Kreg range of products and videos visit Kreg is a major brand in the Vermont Sales stable of products and is available at leading outlets countrywide. Visit for more information.





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