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5 Household Projects for Welders

No matter your skill level, we show five household projects you can make using tools for welding.


Welding is, quite literally, the art of bringing things together. Through the fusion of metal objects, there are countless items and projects that can be constructed. Thus, through welding, nearly anything is possible.

The following list will show just a few possible projects you can make through welding. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or you were tempted to buy that new plasma cutter for sale, this list should help you.

Regardless of your skill level, here are five household projects you can make using tools for welding.

1. Create A Dynamic Coat Rack Using Horseshoes

If you have extra horseshoes lying around (or can get hold of some), you can use them to make a cool coat rack. To create the hooks for the rack, you will need four shoes. You will also use another four for the base. Assemble your base by placing your horseshoes side by side. Use a clamp to hold your foundation in place, then weld the sides together. Then, simply attach your hooks at a ninety-degree angle to the foundation. The finished project should be a conversational piece that will elevate your home and protect your jackets.

2. Use Metal Bars to Create a TV Tray Table

Through welding, you can create a comfortable and easy-to-use tray table. The C-table design is easily assembled and requires little welding. To make this, you will need eight pieces of metal. Four pieces will create the legs while the other four will construct the base. Find a sturdy piece of scrap metal to form the top, and fuse all pieces together. Once constructed, you will have created a functional and sturdy table that can be used for years to come!





3. Create a Lampshade from Scrap Steel

If you have leftover scrap metal, why not use it to create a unique lampshade for your home? All you need is to choose a design for your shade and mark it out on your scrap steel. Cut out your design and curve the steel so that both edges meet. Then, slowly fuse the material until both edges become flush and even. Once completed, you will have a lampshade that is aesthetically pleasing and will outlast any fabric shade.

4. Use Your Extra Steel Washers to Make A Bowl

Through fusing leftover washers, you can create a sophisticated bowl for your home. To begin, you’ll need to find a metal bowl. This can be an old cake pan or other cooking apparatus. Use metal snips to cut strips alongside the receptacle. This bowl will act as the mold for the washers, so your cutting doesn’t need to be perfect. The goal is to cut the mold until it creates a desired shape for your washers to conform to.

Once you’ve created the shape that you want, you can begin welding. Fuse your washers together, and use a grinder to sand down the excess metal. Lastly, smelt the washers into each other with a torch. The finished project should be a sleek and cool accent piece that can elevate any setting.

5. Create Picture Frames Out of Metal Tubing

With the help of welding hand tools, you can create your own customizable picture frames. To create your frame, use a piece of chalk to mark out a 45-degree angle on some metal tubing. Once you’ve marked this angle, use a saw to cut the line you’ve created. Repeat this step with the other three sides of your picture frame.

Once all the borders are established, create the cleanest weld possible to bind the sides together. The finished product should be a classic picture frame that will complement any area of your home.

Closing Thoughts

As always, when using welders and plasma cutters, approach everything with care. Make certain you have the right safety tools and are well-trained on every machine. Peter from WeldingChamps also has a couple of projects one could weld on his blog. Remember, if you aren’t comfortable just yet operating welding tools, there are websites that can easily connect you with nearby schools!