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What is a Drill Press and What is it used for?

Not a new tool on the market, the drill press has been around for quite some time. But what is a drill press and when would you use one?



What is a Drill Press?

To put it in simple terms, a drill press is used to make repetitive or very accurate drill holes in a workpiece. Any DIY enthusiast, woodworker or SME specialising in making furniture or accessories would use a drill press for accurate and repetitive work. The drill press is a bench-top or stationery tool that can be fitted with assorted size drill bits and countersink bits to take the guesswork out of drilling.








When would you use a Drill Press?

Anyone who requires perfect alignment of drilled holes, in any industry and including woodworking, would make use of a drill press. This tool lets you drill precisely and to an exact depth, which can be hard to achieve manually or on a repetitive basis. If you try to imagine using a conventional drill or drill / driver for drilling repeat holes in workpieces, you can appreciate the aggravation that occurs when pieces do not line up or drilled holes are not at the perfect angle..









Why would you use a Drill Press?

Accuracy is first and foremost the main reason why you would want to use a drill press. Even an experienced DIY enthusiast or woodworker can't perfect holes every single time. And when it comes to drilling into thicker pieces of timber or board, it is almost impossible to replicate the exact results every single time, especially for a beginner DIY enthusiast or woodworker.









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