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Bosch Quigo III with enhanced precision, visibility and length

The next generation of Bosch’s Quigo III allows DIY enthusiasts and decorators to be more creative, thanks to enhanced precision, visibility, and length.


 Ideal for aligning objects precisely, the Bosch Quigo III enables DIY enthusiasts and decorators to align objects such as artwork, mirrors and shelves extremely easily. It is a handy tool for painting as well, as it enables surfaces to be marked out with ease.





The new enhanced Quigo III model produces a laser line that is clearer than ever before, due to its improved projection technology. The line is narrower, providing greater sharpness when projected on the wall, which enables work to be carried out with more precision. Plus, the larger aperture angle makes it easier to carry out work in confined spaces, as it provides a long laser line, even at a short distance from the wall. This enables several objects to be aligned easily next to one another – without having to reposition the device, for example. The unit automatically compensates for surface irregularities of up to 4°.

The Quigo III now provides precise results in a working range of 10 m. It is instantly ready to use, projecting two lasers lines on the wall, intersecting at an angle of exactly 90°, immediately upon being switched on.

The adapter plate can be fixed to the top, bottom, or rear of the Quigo III, giving DIY enthusiasts even more flexibility. For example, it can be positioned directly beneath a ceiling for marking out a border. Furthermore, the adapter plate can also be attached to a standard tripod with a ¼-inch thread.