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Bosch sanders for all surfaces

Sanding is an essential part of the preparation required for virtually every type of surface treatment. Find out which is the right Bosch sander for your application, in combination with selecting the correct abrasive.


Bosch range of DIY sanders offers a sanding tool for a range of materials, from wood to varnish, paint, roughcast, metal or plastic; an array of surfaces, from small to large; corners or edges; and flat or curved surfaces.

Not only a sander for all surfaces, Bosch has also developed a new abrasives concept to make it easier for DIY enthusiasts to select the correct abrasive for the application at hand. This comprises three distinct categories, sorted according to grit and application.

Bosch PBS 75 A belt sander

The PBS 75 A belt sander has a powerful 710 W motor for a high material removal rate on large surfaces. Integrated aluminium components ensure outstanding stability while you work, providing optimal convenience. A sturdy housing, optimised ergonomics and compact design allow for perfect handling across all sanding applications.





This belt sander attains high stock removal due to its belt speed of up to 350 m per minute. It also has an easy-to-change belt with tension lever. The automatic belt system holds the belt in the exact position during sanding, eliminating any need for manual belt alignment.

Bosch PEX 300 AE eccentric sander

The versatile PEX 300 AE is ideal for sanding paint, wood and metal. It is particularly well-suited for flat and slightly curved surfaces. It has a range of accessories to allow it to carry out various polishing applications. A powerful 270 W motor enables DIY enthusiasts to work quickly, especially on large surfaces. The compact and lightweight design ensures optimum handling and comfortable working. As a result, the tool can be used overhead and in tight spaces without causing fatigue.

PSS 200 AC orbital sander

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, the PSS 200 AC offers good-quality sanding and fast sanding in corners or edges, thanks to the powerful 200 W motor and compact design. The lightweight construction and ergonomic design - with Softgrip - allows smooth and fatigue-free handling, for both right- and left-handers. Additionally, the low vibration feature guarantees maximum running smoothness for safe working.

PSM 160 A multi-sander

A powerful all-round sander that combines an orbital and iron sander for sanding and polishing along edges, in corners, and on both small and large surfaces. The iron-shaped sanding plate can get into tricky, hard-to-reach places within a short space of time. This efficient two-part design means that the multi-sander can tackle an array of different sanding and polishing tasks with ease.