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Bosch IXO brings elegance to DIY tools

The Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver from Bosch is now available with an exciting range of accessories making it one of the most versatile tools available.


The Bosch IXO is a compact handy tool that can be easily used by anyone for small screw driving tasks in and around the home. In addition to its facelift, it boasts an impressive 15 percent more power to get jobs done quickly, thanks to its 1.3 Ah batteries with Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology.

The IXO cordless screwdriver can function as a carpet cutter, cork-screw, barbecue lighter and a screwdriver to name a few. It is able to easily assemble, retighten and drive screws with the highest endurance. It has a shorter charging time, with an integrated power light for clear visibility when working in tight spaces or edges.





The Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver comes with an automatic spindle lock feature for physical tightening or loosening of screws. Weighing only 300 grams, this tool is easy to use with a soft grip and a forward/reverse function.

Incorporating Lithium-Ion battery technology, the Bosch IXO screwdriver has no memory effect, guaranteeing that is does not self-discharge and is always ready when you need it.