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Bosch introduces PSM Primo multi sander

Designed with women in mind the Bosch PSM Primo sander is one of the most comfortable sanders to use. It's comfortable to hold and has less vibration than other models.


If, like me, you have small hands, using a sander can be painful and uncomfortable. Most models don't fit nice in the palm of your hand and the constant vibration quickly brings on fatigue and hand strain. Having just used the new Bosch PSM Primo multi sander, this is no longer a problem.





This powerful little sander should not be compared to other sanders of a similar size. The technology built into the Bosch PSM Primo sander offers a compact motor that delivers maximum power - all packed into a small sander that's easy to use for home DIY projects.

Multi sanders offer quick changing of sanding pads, and the Bosch PSM Primo uses the same velcro pads with the added benefit of extra pads to fit onto the front, since we all tend to push down a little harder at the front when sanding. This means you only need to change the front tab and not the entire pad, giving you three times more sanding.

I put the Bosch PSM Primo to the test by sanding a painted steel gate. Over the years the security gate has been painted about 4 times, so there are four layers of paint to remove. I have already tried using paint stripper to remove the paint, which only proved extremely messy with drips and mush all over the floor, not to mention that chemical paint strippers can easily burn your skin. I've also tried using Plascon RemovALL, but again this was more mess that success.

Using a 40-grit sanding pad it was actually quite easy to remove the paint right down to the metal. One slow run over the painted area was all that was required to strip away the layers of paint. I will follow this up by sanding with 120-grit to smooth down before applying Rust-Oleum gloss enamel spray.


If you are sanding exterior steel you need to apply metal primer before painting, unless you use Rust-Oleum protective enamel spray. 

The sander is fitted with a microfilter that reduces the mess you need to clean up after sanding - another plus if you are sanding indoors.

The Bosch PSM Primo  sander has a promotional price of R499 or retails at around R580. You can buy at your local Builders.