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Bessey expands its workbench adapter range

Bessey has expanded its TW16AW adapter range for use of its clamping elements on all common workbenches with a hole system. In addition to the workbench adapter for a hole diameter of 19 mm, adapters for three further hole diameters are now available.


The TW16AW19 workbench adapter has been on the market since 2016. It enables the use of Bessey clamping elements of the TW16 and TWV16 series on workbenches with a hole diameter of 19 mm. Bessey now also provides adapters for three further workbench hole systems for diameters of 20 mm, 25.4 mm, and 30 mm.

If you are still not be able to find a suitable size in this expanded range, the locking pin on the adapter can be removed and replaced with a self-made one. No matter which workbench adapter size is selected, all of them can be connected with the suitable Bessey clamping elements in a few simple steps, and then inserted into the workbench without the need for tools.

Matching clamping elements for exact positioning of the clamps

Bessey clamping elements of the TW16 series with a fixed throat depth of 100 mm and the TWV16 series with a variable throat depth of 30 to 150 mm can be used in conjunction with the workbench adapter.

The tools for accurate clamping on workbenches are available in three handle variants: a high-quality 2-component plastic handle, T-handle or a lever handle. The model with the lever handle is especially practical for quick clamping. Thanks to the locking mechanism, the clamping element can be securely fixed with a single movement, thus enabling rapid and controlled clamping. This pays off especially in the processing of long work pieces where many holding points are necessary because saving time and reducing fatigue are key advantages.





Experience in a nutshell

In the design of solutions for accurate clamping on benches, Bessey has successfully applied its long experience as a global market leader in clamping tools. Characteristic of all models and handle variants is the sliding arm for elastic, sprung clamping, as well as the annealed profile. Like the spindle, it is processed in tried-and-tested Bessey quality steel. This guarantees a dimensionally stable and low-torsion clamping tool, which also exhibits an extremely long service life on the bench with daily use.

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