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Compact, portable, heavy duty tables

The Centipede table system offers multiple uses to set up table space anywhere - anytime. You can use the Centipede to set up an instant workshop, for parties and promotions, and even for displays and catering.


Available in two models - Centipede Sawhorse or Centipede Support XL, these portable, compact systems offer an easy way to set up a heavy duty table anywhere.

The lightweight construction is easy to carry around and sets up in seconds without any assembly. It also folds down quickly for easy transportation and storage. The flexible and durable steel frame supports an incredible amount of weight, making it perfect for use as a the ultimate sawhorse, to support thin materials without sagging and allowing the DIY enthusiast or contract to do clean cuts without hassle.

The Centipede comes complete with accessories to hold boards in place, making a 2-person job easy for 1. The configuration allows for multiple work stations; use as a sawhorse at one end with a bench top power tool at the other.





The Centipede Sawhorse supports sheet board and timber over a 61cm x 122cm and folds to 15cm x 22cm. The system is designed to hold up to 800kgs yet weighs only 5.5kgs. The Centipede Support XL supports materials over a 122cm x 244cm  area, folds to 22 cm x 36 cm can can support up to 1600 kgs, with a total weight of 14kgs.

Centipede is a leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and the tables are available at all leading stores countrywide - for more information on your nearest retail outlet visit or pop onto for more information.