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Alpen Profi specialist drill bits

The Alpen Profi range offers Tungsten carbide multi-purpose drill bits - the first all-rounder drill bits, with cylindrical shank, that are available in both a short and long series.


The range of applications for the Alpen Profi range offers extremely versatile and precise drilling. They can be used for precision drilling into tiles, natural stone, metal, wood and plastics. Alpen Profi are the first multi-purpose universal drill bits to be available on the market and allow both the professional and DIY enthusiast to work at a much faster speed - with greater flexibility.

Due to the availability of these bits in an extra-long version - with lengths up to 400 mm - even more versatility is available, such as when installing windows, since these bits can drill through plastics, metal and masonry - all in one work step.





Benefits of Alpen Profi bits:

With a carbide tip and extra sharp cutting edges, these bits are  well suited for metal.

The patented 4-step profile gives a fast drill dust feed when drilling into masonry and concrete.

The special drill bits with Tungsten carbide tips and also multi-purpose drill bits with 1/4" hexagonal shank.

The Profi Multicut all-rounder is perfect for precision rotary drilling in tiles, natural stone, metal, wood and plastics and ideal for all standard cordless drills thanks to its standardized shank profile.

The Tungsten Carbide Multi-Purpose drill bits with SDS-plus shank are another Profi Multicut all-rounder. Created for rotary drilling into all materials, tiles, masonry, metal, wood and plastics. The special shank design, with an automatic hammer-stop function for SDS-plus hammer drills, offers a significantly longer service life.

Tungsten carbide Profi Ziegel cavity brick drill bits with cylindrical shank is a specialty bit for shatter-proof rotary drilling of cavity bricks. The unique cutting geometry prevents the cavities from breaking,  giving maximum security and geometrically precise holes for maximum hold of the dowels .

The Tungsten Profi Dach carbide roof tile drill bit with 1/4" hexagonal shank is a very special drill bit for rotary drilling into roof tiles, concrete tiles, eternity, slate, ceramics, tiles, marble and granite. This bit is perfect for all standard cordless drills with standardised shank profile. These super tough drill bits drill through even the hardest roof tiles with ease, due to their precision-ground spiral flutes, that fit, sit and hold.

 The Profi Beton tungsten carbide concrete drill bits [DIN ISO 5468] are high efficiency, highly accurate drills for percussion and heavy-duty hammer drilling of natural stone, concrete, brick and for rotary drilling of ceramics and marble. The excellent centering properties and precise flutes, offer a very strong drilling core.

 The Profi Granit tungsten carbide granite drill bits [DIN ISO 5468], are a special drill bit for rotary and percussion drilling of granite and marble. Extremely suitable for drilling all granite types with special drill bit geometry and carbide plate - even the hardest of granite is no match for the Profi Granit.

The Profi Diamant diamond tile bits and drilling template are for extremely hard ceramic tiles, extremely hard roofing tiles, marble, granite, glass and porcelain. Suitable for any standard cordless drill thanks to its standardized shank profile.

Alpen Drill Bits is a blue chip brand of Vermont Sales and are available at your local Builders or hardware stores countrywide. For more information visit