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Bosch accessory kits for DIY this Father’s Day

Here's a way to make DIY tasks easier. The Bosch V-Line accessory sets are sure to be appreciated by any handy dad this Father’s Day.

Bosch, which has won numerous awards for its great accessory case design, developed the V-Line with hand tools and assorted accessories in five different versions. The sets are geared for DIY enthusiasts and contain between 41 and 91 pieces. The main components of the sets are the hand tools, drill bits for drilling in different materials and screwdriver bits for conventional types of screws, all aimed at the different needs of the user.





The V-Line accessory range comprises of a 41-piece drill bit and screwdriver bit set with an angle driver. The 48-piece titanium drill bit and screwdriver bit set comes with a magnetic stick for easy screw recovery in small gaps. The 68-piece drill bit and screwdriver bit set includes an angle driver, magnetic stick and a folding knife. The 83-piece titanium drill bit and screwdriver bit set comes with an LED torch and adjustable spanner. The 91-piece titanium drill bit set, which is the largest comes with a screwdriver bit set, ratchet screwdriver and a magnetic stick. Choose the set that suits your needs - and your budget.

The case features a list of all the pieces contained in the set to make choosing the correct accessory easy and safer. The drill bit sizes, for example, can be seen at a glance and the pictograms show the type of use suitable for the respective drill bit. This makes it easier to select the right accessory.

Accessory sets also contain hand tools in the Bosch design, this includes a high-quality ratchet screwdriver, an adjustable spanner or an extendible magnetic stick – a practical problem solver for screws. The robust cases are designed for maximum protection of the accessories.