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Triton workcentre makes woodworking easy

The Triton workcentre is the perfect solution for a small or large workshop and can be used if you are a beginner or advanced woodworking enthusiast. You can use the Triton workcentre with a variety of power tools including Bosch.


For the home woodworker with limited space the Triton workcentre is easy and safe to use. The workcentre can be used with your existing circular saw to turn it into a cutting table that allows you to rip large sections of wood down to size. With the addition of optional accessories you even have the option to rip full size sheets of board into workable sections.

Affordable to buy in comparison to more advanced models, the Triton workcentre offers accuracy and dependability. The rip fence slides very easily and the protractor offers accuracy for mitres and angles.

The rip fence locking handles allow for rapid locking and releasing of sliding rails while the reversible and adjustable aluminium fence doubles as support for 45° cuts and the integral rulers allows accurate adjustment. An integral 3-sided protractor is fully adjustable and locks with side pressure finger.





Easy to set up, the folding legs allow for easy storage of the workcentre when not in use - a valuable advantage if, like me, you are limited for space. 


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