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Bosch and Dremel Multifunction tools

Whether you choose Bosch or Dremel, multifunction tools offer a variety of functions from cutting, sanding and scraping - all in one tool.

When doing home improvements of renovations, imagine one tool that does a variety of tasks, from removing stubborn flooring or scraps of carpet, cutting laminate flooring, installing tiles in awkward areas, or even projects where you need to shorten a door frame to accommodate new flooring. A multifunction tool can do this and more. With a Bosch or Dremel multifunction tool you can also sand, cut and saw.

Introducing the Bosch PMF or Dremel Multi-Max MM20... Now you only need one tool that offers a variety of functions simply by changing the attachments, whether you want to saw, sand, polish, rout, rasp, scrape or cut. These new oscillating multifunction tools can do simply everything. And make everything really simple.





Oscillating tools have a blade that runs from side to side in a small arc at very high speed. It is the high speed and the steel attachments that makes these tools so versatile and easy to use.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM20 is a multifunction, oscillating tool with quick-fit mechanism for easy changing of a variety of attachments. The MM20 is an ideal tool to add to your collection if you need to repair, remodel or restore and is capable of handling a wide range of applications.

You can use the Bosch PMF 190 E multifunction tool for cutting, sawing, sanding, routing and scraping without hassle thanks to its powerful motor and its many attachments. No more problems when working in hard-to-reach areas or when performing detailed work. The lightweight design is easy to hold and comfortable to use - no matter what task at hand.




A multifunction tool is one of the most versatile power tools manufactured today, and has become the DIYers must-have tool because of its interchangeable accessories. These tools can be used with a variety of sanding attachments to sand and smooth. These accessories are easy to change.