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Ready - Steady - Go with the Bosch Go Cordless Screwdriver

The Bosch Go is simply the most powerful screwdriver on the market - Push and Go with Bosch Go!


If you enjoy doing your own home DIY projects and repairs, you'll love the Bosch Go cordless screwdriver. The Push&Go design offers intuitive operation with a simple, light push that gives you a perfect finish whether you're removing screws or driving in new screws. The Bosch Go has 3 operating modes: screw, unscrew and manual and has 6 torque settings to allow you to dial in the correct speed for your project and the material you are using.

To use the Bosch Go cordless screwdriver simply insert the correct screwdriver bit for your project - push to drive in screws and you're done. The intelligent E-clutch stops when you want to stop for a perfect finish every time - the screwdriver tops when pressure is released.





The Bosch Go comes complete with a 33-pc Screw driving Bit Set that includes a bit holder, and will drive most screws (PH, PZ,SQ, HEX.SL and more). Completely cordless, you can take the Bosch Go anywhere you need it, and the handy carrying case keeps your tool and accessories ready to go.