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All-round multi-function tool for DIY

The Bosch PMF 250 CES multi-function tool provides the perfect support for DIY and handymen for a wide range of renovation and repair tasks.


From routing to scraping, sawing, cutting, sanding and polishing, this multi-function tool can meet the diverse challenges posed by any project. The Bosch PMF 250 CES multi-function tool is compact, powerful, and highly flexible - used for a range of applications.

With a powerful 250W motor, this compact and lightweight tool weighs in at only 1.2 kg. And thanks to Constant Electronic technology from Bosch, users are guaranteed constant results without any reduction in performance, even under heavy loads. You can even attach a dust extraction system to minimise dust during sanding.

What is more, precision plunge cutting is possible due to the rounded cutting edges of the Curved-Tec plunge cut saw blades. Continuously variable preselection of the oscillation rate enables you to gear your work towards the material and applications.

A particular benefit of this multi-function tool is that it is compatible with the Bosch Starlock system - a first-of-its-kind, tool-less blade-changing interface. The 3-dimensional fit offered by the system translates into improved torque transfer from the tool to the blade, which in turn boosts performance in all applications.





"To change blades, you simply press the auto-eject button to release the current blade, and then just snap the new one on. No extra tool is required for the change-out, which means you can get back to work quicker," Bosman advises. The Starlock blade system is colour-coded for convenience: white is all-purpose, including wood with nails; gray is for wood and laminates; blue is for cutting metal and other tough materials; purple is for soft materials such as sealants, caulk and carpeting; and brown is for grout removal and abrasive applications, including grinding and sanding.

"The real beauty of this multi-function tool from Bosch is that it allows you to put your ideas into practice. You will quickly be able to tick off all the projects on your ‘to do’ list as this all-rounder simply does everything, and it does it so simply," Bosman concludes.