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Christmas gifts for the DIY-er - to give or receive

The festive season will soon be upon us and I am constantly asked for advice on what tools to look out for, either to buy for yourself or to add to your Christmas List for Santa. Here is my recommended of the best tools to buy for those wanting to start out in DIY.


Top of my Christmas Wish List is the new Dremel Moto Saw. It will only be launched in January next year, but I'm putting something aside to buy this amazing scroll saw. While this is more of a crafty DIY tool, if you plan make decorative headboards, folding screens, detailed panels, or anything detailed, you will definitely want to add this tool to your collection.

Next on my list would be a Drill/Driver - if you don't already have one. Bosch have made if possible for women to become more involved in DIY with their range of cordless power tools. But they're not just for women. The Bosch range of Li-Ion Drill/Drivers pack a lot of power and are ideal for small or large DIY and home improvement projects.

Sanding by hand is a pain in the butt and it makes sense to invest in a sander or two. My own personal collection consists of an orbital sander and a random orbit sander. Not only wood, you can use these sanders on walls, metal and steel, painted finishes and more.

Every DIY Diva needs essential hand tools and Rolson is the brand to look for. Because there are Divas who must have a touch of pink in their toolbox, Rolson offer a range of pink hand tools. The 25-piece kit in pink is sure to make DIY chores a little more fun. This tool kit contains all the tools you might need for any DIY project including screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, adjustable wrench and pliers.

They might not be sexy, but a pair or Irwin Quick Clamps will definitely turn up the heat and have you working at a hot pace. If your project is clamped securely, you can spend more time concentrating on the task at hand. No DIY workshop should be without a pair of quick clamps.

Hobby, craft or DIY, you'll find the Dremel 3000 MultiTool comes in handy in so many ways. What makes this tool so versatile is the variety of accessories and attachments it can be combined with.

For the home handyman, or those wanting to tackle a few minor home repairs, the new Bosch PSR Select is ideal. It's small, handy and powerful. Thanks to its bit cylinder, it can store the right bit for virtually any screw and it is versatile; covering all basic screw driving applications.

Stop using the kitchen countertop as a work surface and add a workbench to your wish list. With a portable workbench you can work anywhere in the home, even out in the garden. Reasonably priced, a workbench allows you to easily clamp your projects and opens up for cutting detailed edges.

And don't forget the stocking fillers! Safety glasses, gardening gloves for when working with plywood or pine, a steel rule, and some coloured pencils for drawing and marking.