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Tools that save you time

It saves you time to invest in the right tools. There are tools that not only make DIY easier, they also speed up the process, which means you get to do more - in less time!

While you can have all your timber and board cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse, it's a wise DIY enthusiast that invests in tools that make the job easier- and saves time. We take a look at the top time-saving tools.

Combi Drill / Driver

Compact and lightweight, a Combi Drill / Driver is a versatile tool that functions as a screwdriver, a drill, as well as an impact drill. Use this tool when drilling pilot holes in your timber and board, driving screws into your project, or to drill holes in masonry with ease. There's no power cord with this portable tool, so you can use it anywhere. You also have a choice between Bosch Green (for home DIY) and Bosch Blue models (for contractors and professionals).

Mitre Saw

Even the most novice DIYer will be amazed at how much time they save with this bench top power tool. A mitre saw quickly cuts timber precisely and accurately and can be set at a whole range of angles to suit any job. Larger sliding mitre saw models slide on rails to cut wider timber and board, while the head can also be tilted so you can do compound cuts (angled both across and through the timber). Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you did without it!





Pilot and Countersinking Bit

Not everyone can afford to buy two drill / drivers, and now, what used to be two jobs (drilling a pilot hole and countersinking for the screw head) can be done in one, using a combined pilot hole and countersinking bit and eliminating the need for a second drill / driver or having to constantly change bits.

Electronic and Laser Tools

You won't make silly mistakes and waste time if you use accurate laser measuring, laser level guides, and electronic detectors.  Perfect for hanging pictures, mounting tiles, fitting a curtain rail, and so much more.

A laser level shines a level line across a wide area and over long distances. A laser-measuring tool gives you accurate dimensions over long distances at the press of a button, so you’re not struggling with holding a tape. Some models will even calculate area and volume, which is handy for working out paint quantities for example.

An electronic detector is essential for checking walls before you drill - and could save you thousands of Rand in repairs. Check for electrical and plumbing conduits in the wall behind tiles, or local supply lines in a brick wall.

Combination Square

With all its uses, a combination square is definitely a time saver. This tool is handy for drawing, marking 45-degree angles, setting the cutting depths, and checking that corners of your project are accurate and surfaces level. Find the Tork Craft Aluminium Combination Square at your local Builders or larger hardware stores.


Quick clamps, corner clamps, spring clamps, strap clamps - clamps are a 'must-have' for any DIY workshop. Not only do clamps act as an extra pair of hands, they save you time when you need to glue or join timber and board. There are various brands of clamps on the shelf at hardware stores - choose Tork Craft clamps if you have a tight budget or shop for Bessey clamps for a lifetime of use.

Get Organised

No matter how many tools you have in your workshop, organisation is the key to working faster and smarter. A well-organised toolbox or workshop allows you to easily find what you need for every project.